Washington, DC, Boomtown!

This Town: Two Parties and a Funeral-plus, Plenty of Valet Parking!-in America’s Gilded Capital (Google Books)

Public service” – hahahaha. Our political class and crony capitalists make up the new feudal class. Forward!

New York Times Magazine correspondent Mark Leibovich’s new book, This Town, is in many ways a story about Washington, DC’s obsession with itself.

Politico Has Published an Astonishing 17 Items on Mark Leibovich’s “This Town” (I.e., DC is a big circle jerk.)

Leibovich noted that Obama and his team of “celebrity operatives” came into office promising to change Washington D.C., but noted that that many of the original operatives in the Obama administration have gotten extremely rich in the process. He added that “the notion of a changed Washington was a complete myth.”

“It was obviously very effective marketing strategy in 2008 – I assume it was genuine then, but I also think it’s gotten a lot of people very, very wealthy, and I think the whole circle of the revolving door this team was supposed to stop has only been intensified,” Leibovich said.

Mark Leibovich: Obama’s ‘celebrity operatives’ are now ‘very very wealthy’ thanks to Washington D.C.

Our New Aristocracy and The Little People

“Why do you people love the state so much? It doesn’t love you.”

Michael Munger



Unfortunately, it seems that the future Aldous Huxley predicted in 1932, in Brave New World, is arriving early. Mockery, truculence, and minimalist living are best, then enjoy the decline. However, we do need a Revolving Door Tax (RDT), learn what Members of Congress pay in taxes, and prosecute politicians and staff and their “family and friends” who profit from insider trading. Oh, and pay “public servants” what they are worth.

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