Vegetarianism in China

Together with Buddhism, vegetarianism came into China from India in the 6th century. Like Buddhism, vegetarianism was foreign to the Chinese. As an agrarian people, the Chinese had always eaten whatever was available, seeing no good reason to do otherwise. Unlike some other ancient people, the Chinese are remarkably free of arbitrary food taboos.Buddhism came along and declared that the taking of animal life was immoral…. Vegetarianism was never practiced extensively in China. This is reflected in the language: there is no commonly used word for vegetarianism or for vegetarian. Vegetarianism was required only for monks but not of Buddhists in general…In historical China, the only class of people other than monks who practiced vegetarianism were old ladies in wealthy families. After all, they could afford to….

Chapter 12, “Swallowing Clouds,” by A. Zee.
KM, this is my answer to your inquiry about why I could not bring myself to eat at the Zen Palate. Not because the Zen Palate [web site] does not serve fresh mozzarella.
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