Unboxing videos are stupid

The ‘unboxing’ video offers the viewer the vicarious experience of removing a newly purchased product (usually an electronic device of some sort) from its packaging. It is a visual document of the consummation of the purchaser–product relationship, that apex of possibility and anticipation right before the start of the slow, inevitable decline into disappointment and neglect.

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[U]nboxing videos are stupid, always have been stupid and always will be stupid.

Unboxing videos either show the product barely being used or not used at all. Little to no information is given that the viewer would actually consider useful.

The reason I’m showing you this is first to show how stupid it is, and because there are more than a few of you who make videos of your own and post them to the internet from time to time. You may get the idea that an unboxing video is interesting. IT IS NOT. Don’t do it.

Unboxing Videos Are Stupid. Don’t Do Them.