UberX Driver – Your Private Underpaid Driver

(Also see Craigslist Uber Scam #UberScam)

Potential UberX drivers, do not rely on what Uber tells you about how much you will make. The inflated figures Uber bandies about on Craigslist and in its PR about how much you might make are 1) inflated, and 2) before expenses. So you must discount what you make from Uber by 50% to account for Self Employment taxes (remember that you will be paying both the employee and the employer portion of these), fuel, depreciation, maintenance, and income taxes.

And after Uber has been in a city for a while, and after Uber runs its promotional discount during which drivers do not take a hit, Uber will unilaterally cut rates with little advance notice to drivers, and you will then make even less (and if you unwisely used Uber-arranged financing to buy a car, you are really stuck).

Even before your costs and deductions, Uber’s take is more like 25% of the “fare” charged to riders after Uber deducts the “Safe Rides Fee” ($1 per ride) and its 20%. Yet Uber shows the rider the top-line “fare” to the rider and to you as if that is what you earn. It’s not.

Uber’s “Safe Ride Fee” of $1 per ride is shown to the rider as part of the fare, but Uber shows the $1 fee separately when it pays drivers. So Uber makes, at the outset, $1 on every single trip. #UberLies

For example, a $6 “fare” will result in the driver being paid $6 – $1 Safe Rides Fee = $5 – (20%) $1.00 = $4.00. $4.00 / $6 = you making 67% of the “fare”. Uber’s take is more than 30%. (A $10 fare results in the driver being paid $7.20, which means Uber’s take is 28%, not 20%.) And if you think “fares” under $10 are unusual, especially after a rate cut, think again.

Uber gets so much positive press because it is allegedly “high-tech” and “innovative” and “disruptive”. But it is building its valuation on a very shaky foundation of grabbing market share by lowering rates and thus lowering driver quality and increasing driver churn. And many journalists who cover Uber have no clue about and are not interested in the misrepresentations of “income” that Uber uses to recruit drivers. After all, most journalists, like most UberX riders, love riding around for cheap, without wanting to know that UberX driver car equity is helping pay for that cheap ride.

Don’t believe us? Then read the stories linked below and listen to the Columbus, Ohio UberX driver who quit (YouTube at bottom). You have been warned.

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PS. Are you sure your auto insurance covers you? Are you sure your policy won’t be canceled if your agent finds out?

Uber as a company is very disrespectful of its (mostly brown and black male) drivers. After Uber runs it promotions discounting rates (especially UberX), and stressing that the drivers are not losing anything, at the end of the promo period Uber then announces to its riders that lower rates are here to stay, making the decision unilaterally and with only a few hours advance notice to UberX drivers. The new rate reduction DOES impact drivers as the entire rate reduction comes out of drivers’ pockets. (In some cities that have had recent rate cuts, some UberX drivers did not work the Labor Day weekend to protest those rate cuts.)

Uber has recently pulled this underhanded trick on UberX drivers in Boston, Washington DC, London, Los Angeles, NJ, Tampa, Fresno, and Seattle, among other cities. So, current and potential UberX drivers, be prepared to see Uber unilaterally cut your fares by 15% to 20% while letting riders know how great Uber is for cheap rates, and giving drivers little advance notice of the new “improved” 15% to 20% pay cut.

In response to Uber unilaterally lowering rates, many Uber drivers are now attempting to cause surge pricing.

From Seattle:

Back in June, Uber lowered prices for UberX customers by 20 percent. For two months, the company continued paying its drivers — who earn 80 percent of each fare — as if the discount had not been implemented.

But earlier this month, Uber shifted the discount over to drivers, who are now making less money per ride. [Editor: And you can be sure that Uber did not include any mention in its announcement that the discount was coming out of drivers’ pockets.]

Uber also hides the ball on the fees and costs to drivers (phone deposits, weekly “data” fees, etc.), discloses very little until the last minute, or Uber buries details that make it difficult even for native English speakers to figure out what Uber is charging drivers. Uber is a rich guy shtick, and sneaky in our opinon, and it increasingly looks like it is tricking poor people to ferry wealthier people around via UberX.

Oh, and you will probably get more traffic tickets (think “cameras” you don’t know about yet), and those are not deductible.

Contrary to what some people are saying, the aggressive recruiting of Lyft drivers by Uber isn’t good for the UberX drivers in cities where the rates have been unilaterally cut by Uber. Uber needs to aggressively recruit drivers because many UberX drivers are quitting or cutting back to working only the busiest hours after the rate cuts. (The aggressive recruiting of Lyft drivers also has the benefit of hurting one of Uber’s major competitors, which is Lyft.) Uber is in the early stages of burning through drivers (driver churn), but at some point the word will get out and Uber will have to increase UberX rates to attract and keep good drivers.

As rates are dropped by Uber in more markets, the overall quality of Uber drivers, especially UberX drivers, will suffer.

Uber has also encouraged people to finance vehicles to drive for Uber (see “Financing 100,000 Entrepreneurs” by Travis Kalanick, Uber’s CEO). Our guess is that many of the drivers who used Uber-induced financing to buy cars to drive for UberX 1) did not speak or read English that well, 2) relied on the UberX rates at the time, and 3) relied on Uber’s claims of how much money they would make. As a result, our guess is that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of UberX drivers who might have plausible “fraud in the inducement” claims against Uber, Uber’s CEO, and Santander in cities where Uber unilaterally cut rates, making these financed vehicles even less affordable. The discovery process would be interesting….

Our prediction is that unless Uber raises its UberX rates, the only people who will drive for UberX will be people who really have no other options. We also predict that you will start to see more UberX drivers pushing for tips to supplement the “new” rates that result in many UberX drivers making less than minimum wage even before their expenses: fuel, maintenance, depreciation, self employment taxes, state and federal income taxes). (And unlike cab drivers who often get paid in cash and get cash tips that often go unreported at tax time, Uber actively discourages riders from tipping drivers and thus UberX drivers do not get tips from most riders. UberX driver income is reported by Uber on 1099s.) So tip your UberX driver.

Uber does not “talk” with its drivers, at least not most UberX drivers, other than using form replies to emails. And Uber can take days to respond to driver inquiries.

You UberX riders are really the high-tech version of hiring the brown gardener, and you don’t even need a garden! Your own private underpaid driver of color in many cases. And think how you look down on the people who drive a cab or UberX, and also how you complain about them to your friends. It’s easy to love people of color from afar, harder to do it up close…. How does that feel now?

And Uber hiring David Plouffe is just another sign of the political class and (aspiring) crony capitalists working together.

(UberX drivers, maybe you should consider Sidecar, which allows drivers to set their own prices.)

And please, no more email from people who can not read. We are not advocating any kind of regulation, we are telling potential UberX drivers of the pitfalls of driving for Uber and to not believe the stuff Uber is spewing, including its overhyped and misleading Craigslist ads. Rather than send us email, please see this.

For more, see:

#UberXploits Also see @UBER_COMPLAINTS for account photo that is accurate depiction of how Uber seems to feel about and treat its drivers.


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I quit Uber, here is a Youtube video I made of why and the Email I sent Uber

Fron Chicago Craigslist #UberScam


Uber scam (All Locations)
Uber scam (all locations)
compensation: You earn to pay for gas.
contract job internship part-time
non-profit organization telecommuting okay

People looking for work , Please do not out of desperation become a Uber Driver. Research the internet. All complaints that Uber drivers share on the internet about Uber is totally true. Lesson learned the hard way. They do not have respect for drivers. They take only rating from clients and can deactivate your account at anytime. Meanwhile, they make money off you while you pay for their app, pay for your gas and incur wear and tear on your car. They will never communicate with you as a driver. So beware.
Remember all those crazy drunk folks at night?
Yes, They listen to these folks saying you are no good although you gave them the best ride quality. DO NOT JOIN UBER. They lie about the 4000 monthly fares. You will never earn that much
They will use you and spit you out. Its totally not worth it for drivers, but if you want to be a client, you can enjoy the app. As a driver, your account will be terminated for no reason after they have charged you enough for their app and have used you to expand their company.
Just thought I would help out folks out there and warn them.

Uber Craigslist Scam

Uber Craigslist Scam

Illegal In Houston – Uber And Lyft Run Insurance Scam In Houston,TX
His insurer knows now…

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