Tri-Institutional Friday Noon Recital

This was the program at the Tri-Institutional Friday Noon Recital at Rockefeller University:

  • PASTORALE: Christmas Concerti, festival music & carols for recorders, flutes and strings;
    performed by the REBEL ensemble and the DUO CAPRICE using Baroque period instruments with gut strings,such warm resonance.

  • Johann Christoph Pez (1664-1716) Concerto pastorale in F major
  • Giuseppe Torelli (1658-1708) Concerto in forma di Pastorale per il Santissimo Natale
  • Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (1710-1784) Adagio & Fuga in d minor
  • Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) Concerto in e minor
  • Johann Joachim Quantz (1697-1773) Pastorale in G minor
  • Michel Richard de Lalande (1657-1726) Simphonies des noels in C minor

The concert hall was packed. Sorry you missed a very fine Pastorale concert with period instruments. This was the start of my 2008 Christmas festivities. The faithful attend the Friday noon prayers, meanwhile I attend the Friday noon recitals.
Tri-Institutional Noon Recitals, Caspary Auditorium, The Rockefeller University, 66th Street and York Avenue (#2 on this campus map – pdf), Recitals Hotline: 212-327-7007, ext. 1