Tired of eating fancy food?

then try Monkey Chow … The Monkey Chow Diaries is a diary by Angry (Canadian) Man

Imagine going to the grocery store only once every 6 months. Imagine paying less than a dollar per meal. Imagine never washing dishes, chopping vegetables or setting the table ever again. It sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

But can a human subsist on a constant diet of pelletized, nutritionally complete food like puppies and monkeys do? For the good of human kind, I’m about to find out. On June 3, 2006, I began my week of eating nothing but monkey chow: “a complete and balanced diet for the nutrition of primates, including the great apes.”

We love this Day 3 entry:

Monkey-like Attributes: Do monkeys have superhuman olfactory senses? Because I can smell every hamburger barbequed within 5 miles of my house.

Twenty bucks a day, I believe he’s got you beat … at least on the money factor … 20 pounds of ZuPreem Primate Dry Diet Animal Food is only $30 .. plus shipping … should last a few weeks …