This Week in Reviews – August 12, 2005

Each Friday, AGINY publishes “This Week in Reviews,” with quick links to New York City restaurant reviews and mentions from the previous seven days in blogs, magazines, and newspapers.
This week saw a lot of multiple restaurant reviews.

Pascale Le Draoulec gives Butai 2 stars in “Butai satisfies a yen for Japanese“… serves only small plates … he liked … beef tongue skewers … mushroom paradise … giant squid … “the salmon-wrapped orange river roll filled with spicy salmon and tempura flake is a must” … 115 East 18th St., 212-387-8885
Gael Greene liked the Peking duck .. and more … at Mainland, “What’s New in Nouvelle Chinese?” … 1081 Third Ave., 212-888-6333
Waiter Rant has a review of obnoxious behavior in “Did He Say MILF?” … we know it’s not a restaurant review … but it is a review
Adam Kuban at sliceny looks at the “Daily News Pizza Roundup” of New York City’s best pizzerias from last week and adds comments … and links to his reviews … read it all …
Frank Bruni revisits Taboon, which uses a wood-fired oven … he liked the falafel and lamb kebabs … 773 Tenth Avenue, 212-713-0271 … Jules, where are you?
VittlesVamp in “Ice Cream Dreams” … likes the gelato at Otto … and talks about making sweet corn ice cream …
Joshua Bernstein reviews Pit Stop, “elevated pub grub at plebian prices” … but you can also play … “Pétanque (pronounced ‘pay-tonk’) is bocce’s dressed-down sibling, like stickball compared to baseball.” … 127 Columbia St., Brooklyn, 718-875-4664
Robert Sietsema says, “For the past few years, New York has been in a dim sum slump.” in “Magnificent Morsels: A brilliant dim sum specialist appears in the Brooklyn outback.” … we disagree … see our “Best dim-sum in Chinatown” … Mr. Sietsema, you didn’t mention one of our favorites .. when done right … chicken feet … mmmmmmmmmmm … eat drink one woman reviewed this place in January … World Tong, 6202 18th Avenue (Christoforo Colombo Blvd.), Brooklyn, 718-236-8118
Wilfrid posted “Manhattan Mouthfuls – Summer 2005, A guide to the best” … described as “the Mouthfuls members’ consensus on the best places – and only the best – for spontaneous eating, drinking and shopping, arranged neighborhood by neighborhood – and the listings run, more or less, uptown to downtown and west to east.”
Eater posted it’s “Week in Reviews: Taboon, Ribot, Table XII, and More
Manhattan User’s Guide has a “Reader Recommended” list … Bouley Bakery … Fish … Tebaya … Yiasou Estiatorio …
The Amateur Gourmet posted the list of restaurants he reviewed over the last year … “The Amateur Gourmet’s Guide to His First Year in New York” … he really likes … Babbo (110 Waverly Place, 212-777-0303) … and … Jean-Gorges (1 Central Park West, 212-299-3900)
Andrea Strong reviews BLT Prime and says that the “creamed spinach is as much of an edible narcotic at Prime as it is up at BLT Steak” … the New York Strip is “the sort of meat that makes you both happy and proud to be a carnivore” … but avoid the desserts … 111 East 22nd St., 212-995-8500
Adam Platt provides a list of less expensive substitutes for “haute-cuisine establishments [where the prices] seem to have gone hog wild recently.
VerboseComa has a crush on “the beautiful owner of Korean Temple Cuisine, Jennifer Maeng.” … 81 Saint Marks Place, 212-979-9300
Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld report in New York that “the undisputed star of the morning show” at Egg in Williamsburg “is Col. Bill Newsom’s Kentucky ham, an undersung American treasure” … 135A N. 5th St., Brooklyn, 718-302-5151
lovescool reminds us “that when you are passionate about something in life, the universe will align to help you get it.

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