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Police State, Cont’d

Too much law enforcement in America has lost all sense of proportion: If you need six armed officers to police a nonagenarian in an old folks’ home, seven armed officers to police a 20-year-old female you suspect might have a beer in her shopping bag, thirteen armed officers to terminate Giggles the baby doe, you’re doing it wrong — and you’re the real threat to public order.

Death Panel

A resident in DeKalb County, Georgia decided to grab his camera when police started banging on his door at 1:30 in the morning. He says he even called 911 to find out what the cops wanted but they didn’t tell him. Police say they had a warrant to enter the home based on a civil fine.
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Forget A-Rod, maybe it’s time to start testing cops for steroids? [Ed. Or at least testing for a minimum IQ, like 80 or 90?]

Cops Caught on Camera in Late Night Home Entry: “Imma tase the shit out your big ass”


Rise of the Warrior Cop – Forward!

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Police Misconduct

FBI employees were also disciplined for, among other naughtiness: knowingly marrying drug dealers, misusing their FBI status, shoplifting, using stolen ATM cards, purchasing child pornography, check fraud, perusing FBI databases for personal reasons and tax fraud. Personally, I don’t object to anybody hitching up with purveyors of illicit intoxicants or dodging taxes, but if you’re going to willingly enforce drug and tax laws against other people, it seems unsporting to return at night to a home stocked with cocaine and bundles of cash.
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