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The Truth About Uber, Car-For-Hire App Service. Controversial And Deceptive Practices Unfolded.

Here is a Dallas driver’s experience with Uber.

By now, as you are reading this article, I had to end my partnership with Uber. I wouldn’t say it was much of a partnership as Uber calls it. I’d say it was more along the lines of “how can we, Uber, stuff our pockets even further while at the same time take from our drivers pockets without them having the sense to figure out what we are doing to them” partnership.

To conclude, Uber provides a great service. But, if they’re going to succeed with respect, taking care of the very thing that makes Uber a business is necessary. The partnership. So, if you’re an Uber consumer, TIP YOUR DRIVER! Even if at first he declines like he or she is told to do by Uber. Drivers are getting the scraps left over from Uber’s greedy pockets and deceptive practices.

The Truth About Uber, Car-For-Hire App Service. Controversial And Deceptive Practices Unfolded.

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Uber is ‘ethically challenged’: Peter Thiel, by Hailey Lee

And here’s another ex-Uber driver:

I got used to the constant stream of peppy emails from the local support team. As time went on and I had questions, I noticed that getting a straight answer from Uber was a chore. There was also a distinct dictatorial tone in their replies. A kind of “This is the way it is” tone. It was clear that despite their breezy, “we appreciate your input/feedback. Please let us know if you have any questions” at the end of emails, they were definitely not interested in engaging with their drivers about how things worked.


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“All Uber’s marketing and driver training material made claims that the tip was included and not to tip or receive tips. But they were always dismissive of drivers asking for clarification and transparency. Things like ‘how much of the fare is the tip’ are ignored,” this driver said. “As a passenger too, if you write support and ask how much of the fare is the gratuity they won’t respond. I believe this is an immoral strategy on their behalf to keep themselves artificially cheaper than their competition, like Lyft and Sidecar, who allow tipping through the app.”

Uber’s Drivers Say They Don’t Get Any Tip Money From All-Inclusive Fares — And They’re Furious, by Maya Kosoff




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