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The Leave Me Alone Party

The “Leave Me Alone Party” (LMAP) is for people who want to leave other people alone and who want others to leave them alone, to live their lives without nannying, interference, and coercion. (Some crude individuals call LMAP the Leave Me The Fuck Alone Party (LMTFAP). Not us, however.)

“Please stay far away from me.”

LMAP and the “None Of Your Business Party” share many issues in common.

If you are a modern “Progressive” and cannot abide the notion of conservatives, Christian or otherwise, having a say in who you sleep with and who you may marry, when and why you may get an abortion, what sorts of scientific research and artistic projects should be funded, what school curricula should and shouldn’t include, or when and why Uncle Sam goes on world-policing ventures, then why do you wish to expand the scope of government authority? Doing so in a society with a wide franchise, such as the U.S., inevitably invites those rubes to intrude their antediluvian superstitions and dogmas onto you and onto all that you hold dear and sacred.

If you are a modern conservative, Christian or otherwise, and cannot abide the notion of “Progressives” having a say in how you school your children, what your tax rates are, what size Big Gulps you may buy, or whether or not you may fill in ditches and water puddles on your land, then why do you tolerate – or even applaud – activities such as government’s “war on drugs,” Uncle Sam’s interventionist foreign policies, strict immigration restrictions, and tariffs on imports? Doing so – by creating a large and discretionary state – only encourages those obnoxious know-it-alls to use government against you and against all that you hold dear and sacred.

Laissez Faire

Members of LMAP are not interested in philosopher kings, intellectuals, moral superiors, their “betters,” journalists, celebrities, bureaucrats, politicians, fascists from the right or left, or any other moral preeners or pretenders to the throne of G-d telling them how to live their lives.

(We’re looking at you, Mayor Nanny.)

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