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Who knew nonprofits were such cronies?

During the 2012 election, the Democratic PAC American Bridge attacked Mitt Romney and other prominent Republicans every time one of them attended a “high-dollar fundraiser” or revealed close ties to Wall Street. Yet there was one group that American Bridge never attacked: Bain Capital.

Why? Because, as Ben Smith and Evan McMorris-Santoro revealed today, Bain Capital executives were bankrolling American Bridge:
. . .
May is shaping up to be a bad month for nonprofit groups run by David Brock. Last week, a few of his allies on the left raked him over the coals after the advocacy arm of Media Matters for America published a memo defending the Justice Department’s crusade against the Associated Press. Today, BuzzFeed drops the hammer with their story about Bain. Being called out as a hypocrite is so embarrassing!

But Brock et al. may actually be the lesser of the two “dark money” offenders to be unmasked today. The other is the Center for American Progress, which is up to its neck in corporate cash, reports The Nation’s Ken Silverstein:

Liberal Nonprofit Groups Actually Love Corporate Cash, Wall Street Simoleons


Unfortunately, it seems that the future Aldous Huxley predicted in 1932, in Brave New World, is arriving early. Mockery, truculence, and minimalist living are best, then enjoy the decline. However, we do need a Revolving Door Tax (RDT), learn what Members of Congress pay in taxes, and prosecute politicians and staff and their “family and friends” who profit from insider trading.

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