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Prepaid Medical Care in NYC

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A few days ago I predicted that people in the private economy would quickly get to work to find ways around the Obamacare debacle. I came up with a few ways they might do that, from family re-definition to buying black market insurance from Canada. But of course, the big idea is something I didn’t think of, yet spotted on a tv commercial a couple of days ago. This idea is prepaid care from a large medical group. It’s not “insurance” from an “insurance company,” so it looks like Obamacare does not apply. (In fact, the pre-paid care model is how the Blue Cross plans got started back in the 1920s.) A group in this area called AMG is now offering unlimited doctor visits for a flat pre-paid fee of $79 per month [Ed. the cheapest plan is $89 per month], below even the cheapest Obamacare subsidized plans for people making as little as about $30,000. OK there’s no pediatric dental coverage, and no maternity care for young men. More importantly, it doesn’t cover hospitals, but your risk of needing hospital care is small and if you have the big accident they have to treat you and you can just not pay the bill. Not perfect, but clearly a far better solution for many many young people than the Obamacare ripoff.

Obamacare And Its Marks

NYC: AMG Medical Group, with 6 locations in NYC

A few other prepaid plans (Prepaid Group Practice Plan, prepaid doctor):
St. Paul, MN: Parkway Family Physicians

Bakersfield, CA: The Practice

Beverly Hills, CA: Brian Flyer

WV: Primary Care One

From 2007:
To Cure Insurance Woes, Doctors Try Prepaid Plans

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Go to Medical School … and Become a Government Employee. Forward!

Central planing has worked out so well, therefore we just need better planning! And more centralization.

We are two-thirds of the way into the most incompetent presidency in our history. People everywhere are fed up. Even many of the so-called liberals who propelled Barack Obama into office have stopped defending him in the face of an unprecedented number of scandals coming at us one after the other like hideous monsters in some non-stop computer game.

And now looming is the monster of monsters, ObamaCare, the healthcare reform almost no one wanted and fewer understood.

It will be administered by the Internal Revenue Service, an organization that has been revealed to be a kind of post-modern American Gestapo, asking not just to examine our accounting books but the books we read. What could be more totalitarian than that?

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal warns the costs of ObamaCare are close to tripling what were promised, and the number of doctors in our country is rapidly diminishing. No more “My son, the doctor!” It doesn’t pay.

And young people most of all will not be able to afford escalating health insurance costs and will end up paying the fine to the IRS, simultaneously bankrupting the health system and enhancing the brutal power of the IRS — all this while unemployment numbers remain near historical highs.

No one knows how many have given up looking for work while crony capitalist friends of the administration enrich themselves on mythological clean-energy projects.

Is America in a Pre-Revolutionary State this July 4th?

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