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That’s going to leave a mark.

The Washington Post has published a remarkable exposé on the Obama administration’s foundering efforts to implement ObamaCare.

The article paints a picture of a White House that did not know what it was getting into, either in terms of public opposition or the technical challenges of implementation. It likens the task of getting young adults to buy ObamaCare’s health plans to getting young adults to vote, despite a glaring difference between those challenges. (Hint: one of them requires young adults to shell out hundreds of dollars per month.) But this exposé is most remarkable for not exposing two lawsuits that by far pose the greatest challenge to ObamaCare’s survival.
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But the Post neglects to mention the greatest threat to the law’s survival: those tax credits may not even be there in two-thirds of the country.
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Both the non-partisan Congressional Research Service and Harvard Law Review have acknowledged these lawsuits are credible.

Aside From That, Mrs. Lincoln, How’s ObamaCare Implementation Going?

Legal Analysis of Availability of Premium Tax Credits in State and Federally Created Exchanges Pursuant to the Affordable Care Act,” CRS Memorandum, July 23, 2012 (10-page PDF)

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