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The Neo Brownshirts, Thought Police, and the Oppressed

This is what fascism looks like in 2013:

The crowd who managed to silence a speaker yesterday accomplished something, to be sure. But it wasn’t a blow against racism, fascism or police oppression. It was a step towards a closed campus where mob rule determines who can speak and who will be shouted down. It was a shameful day. And it deprived every member of our community of the chance to hear Kelly and decide for themselves whether his policing methods are indeed the first steps of a Rockwell-like campaign against minorities and the poor in America’s greatest city. To those individuals, let me put it plainly. Yours was an act of cowardice and fear, unworthy of any of the causes you claim to hold dear.

Miller ’70 P’02: Fascism and the open campus

These modern thought police are fascists.

Thought Police
Thanks to American Digest for the image

The wish to be oppressed turns into the wish to be morally superior, which turns into the pleasure of silencing alleged oppressors, which turns into its own sort of hatred and oppression.

The Wannabe Oppressed: Today’s college students, climate change, and the cult of victimization

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