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Mockery of Yelp #ScrewYelp

For a few weeks now, Botto Bistro is actively trying to become the worst-reviewed restaurant on Yelp as a way to stick it to the venerated review site—so much so that they’re offering 25 percent off for anyone who does so.

In recent years, Yelp has been publicly accused of extortion—asking for money from businesses that are automatically listed on the site in exchange for preferred placement on the site. There are also accusations of abruptly vanishing positive reviews and suddenly appearing negative reviews. Earlier this month, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco dismissed two cases alleging that such behavior by Yelp is illegal.

Why this tiny Italian restaurant gives a discount for bad Yelp reviews, by Cyrus Farivar

Many Yelp reviews are worthless anyway. Many Yelp restaurant reviews are written by people who wouldn’t know the difference between a good chow fun and a lousy chow fun, or the difference between a soup dumpling and a regular dumpling. Or between a cannoli and a canape. Etc.


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