State of the Subways Report Card

John-Boy at NYC Metroblog, who rides the G train, is looking for a fight over who has the “suckiest train” with anyone who rides the N train … in “Straphangers? Where are these Straps? Is this S&M?
gothamist has links to articles in the Post and Newsday … and says “If [we] were a conspiracy buff, we’d say the 6 is the best line because Mayor Bloomberg usually takes it from his townhouse, but we’re not anything like that.” …
Articles are also available from NYT, NY1, and WABC .
The findings of

1. The best subway line in the city is the 6, with a “MetroCard Rating” of $1.35.

2. The worst subway line is the N, with a MetroCard Rating of 60 cents.

4. There are great disparities in how subway lines perform.

Links to the Straphangers Ratings