With credit to Frank Bruni … I have been to Shimizu, a sushi and shochu bar … dinner (with Angela) and lunch (with Roger – see pic below) …

lunch at Shimizu with my friend Roger

… very fresh fish and excellent Japanese aesthetics … I highly recommend this sushi and shochu bar around the Broadway theatre district … I killed two birds with one stone … Roger called for lunch in Chinatown and I countered with Shimizu because I had the desire to try the $9 lunch specials there and check on my missing house keys … 318 West 51st Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues, 212-581-1581 [sushi NYC | MenuPages | Citysearch]
post by Peter
The idea to go to Shimizu for lunch occurred to Mr. Lo at an inspirational moment, so he called me and off we went. After we met at the entrance he admitted that the real reason was that he thought he had lost his keys at dinner. Still says a lot for the place that he would be willing to eat two meals in a row there.
I found the sushi to be extremely fresh and tasty and the atmosphere open and pleasant. Service was great and the green tea was excellent Japanese green tea – not green dishwater. A bit pricey but not if you select the lunch menu items and avoid sushi a la cart.
post by Roger