Rossville, Staten Island – “One of the eeriest places in the five boroughs”

Earlier this month, we had a brief overview of Shaun O’Boyle’s haunting photographs of abandoned tugs and ferries at the Rossville Boatyard [The Boatyard (the elephant’s graveyard)], which is in Rossville, Staten Island. Rossville is described by forgotten NY in “The deadpool” thus:

One of the eeriest places in the five boroughs, the entire Northeast, or perhaps the entire country, is in the borderland where New York City peters out, leaving New Jersey ahead and the hustle & bustle of the city behind. This is the place where the souls of 17th and 18th century patriots wander in search of someone to clean up their burial ground, and the place where ferries, tugs, barges and skiffs of decades past linger while they wait their turn to sink to Davy Jones’ Locker.

forgotten NY, in another article about Rossville, “The End of New York: The Ruins of Rossville,” said that it

seemingly preserves its wrecks like no other neighborhood in the city I’ve yet seen. Truly, this is the literal (it’s near the southernmost edge of Staten Island) and figurative end of New York City.

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