Road Naming Rights and Gas

How About the NYSE Tunnel?

[Chicago] is auctioning off naming rights for the Chicago Skyway, the 7.8-mile long, 125-foot high toll road built in 1958.
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Of course, the big question here is what happens when, say, there’s a massive accident with 20 fatalities on the Coca-Cola Highway? Or how good is the publicity if there’s a carjacking on the General Electric Freeway?

This Traffic Jam Brought to You by Cisco,” by Zach Patton, 13th floor, April 26, 2006

Gas Prices

Why do gasoline prices rise? Because either supply is shrinking or demand is increasing. And indeed both of these are happening as we speak.

The Oil Conspiracy Conspiracy,” by Tibor Machan, The Atlasphere, April 25, 2006

Gasoline prices are going up around the world, but the pain is not being felt everywhere the same way. Drivers in some countries pay a lot more than U.S. consumers. But others pay substantially less. That’s because pump prices don’t reflect just the cost of gasoline.
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Elsewhere in the industrialized world, the actual cost of gasoline ranges from $2.15 a gallon (France) to $2.61 in the Netherlands. But the after-tax price is $5.80 in France and over $6 a gallon in most other major European countries. Japanese drivers get off relatively easy: taxes there only push pump prices to about $4.50 a gallon.

What does gasoline cost in other countries?” by John Schoen, MSNBC, April 23, 2006 (also see accompanying chart, “Pump prices worldwide“)