Relatives … St. Patrick’s Day


2nd uncle is my late cousin Herbert Chew’s father … Angeline’s father is my 5th uncle … I saw him in Ipoh … he was recuperating in the hospital from surgery … luckily, he has a very good Indonesian maid to watch over him 24 hours … Grace’s father is my 9th uncle-in-law … he is 91 years old … frail in physical health but very alert in mental health … he was able to carry-on a good conversation with me in English …. very remearkable, I assumed he was happy to see me again after 40 years … Grace’s mother was my mother’s 9th sister (9th Auntie) …
The Traditional Chinese Family & Lineage – David K. Jordan, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, UCSD


very wet and snowy day for the Irish …

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St. Patrick’s Day is so huge in New York City that it takes a whole month to celebrate it, so March is St. Patrick’s month in New York. Keep checking this space to help you plan your St. Patrick’s Day (& month) activities… – slainte, Murph

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