Prague, The Crown of Bohemia, 1347–1437 – at the Met

Charles IV sought to make his capital city – Prague – the cultural rival of Paris and Rome. The remarkable flowering of art that resulted is being celebrated in an exhibition that draws together some 200 stunning examples including panel paintings, goldsmiths’ work, illuminated manuscripts, sculpture, silk embroideries, and stained glass. These little-known masterpieces attest to the wide-ranging achievements of the hundreds of artists affiliated with Prague and the Bohemian crown during the reign of Charles IV and his two sons, Wenceslas IV and Sigismund. The exhibition draws on numerous collections in the Czech Republic as well as other European and American collections.

Saint Luke, 1360–64, Attributed to Master Theodoric

Saint Luke, 1360–64
Attributed to Master Theodoric
Paint and gold on panel; 45 1/4 x 37 in. (115 x 94 cm)
Národní Památkovy Ustav, Uzemni Odborné Pracoviště Střednich Čech, Prague

We saw this very enlighting exhibition of art history last Sunday … this is a “must see” for every visitor to NY
Prague, The Crown of Bohemia, 1347–1437,” September 20, 2005 – January 3, 2006, Special Exhibition Galleries, The Tisch Galleries, 2nd floor, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 Fifth Avenue, at 82nd Street

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