Peter turns 59….

My birthday celebration has started … last week, two old friends, Nancy & Bob from Adventura flew from Ft. Lauderdale to JFK for a short visit to Manhattan … and I took them for a 3-star lunch at Aquavit. Delicious platter of herrings, green salad, goose-liver pate, smoked salmon and 3 plates of Artic Circle, Granny Smith apples and Peanut Chocolate creamy deserts. Wow.
Later, I rode the Jitney to Hampton Bays to visit my old buddy. Arrived late because of heavy traffic on the Long Island Expressway. We ate supper on his deck, 250 feet on a cliff overlooking the Peconic Bay and the sunset. He grilled hard shell tiger shrimps which became very pink, firm and juicy with a hint of sea-salt. Grilled porterhouse steak, medium-rare and two bottles of French burgundy. Last Tuesday, my niece came from Paris with those two bottles. The French wines breath so smooth and delicious with the fresh salt air.
On Sunday, I met Chug and Caitlin for dim-sum and a Nyonya dinner in Chinatown.
Dorothy arrived very late last night, round-about-midnight. We went to Chinatown in Flushing for a very late night HK-Cantonese feast to celebrate the start of my 60th year.
This week-end, it will be red-sauced pizza with fresh mozzarella at Patsy’s in Spanish Harlem prepared by illegal immigrants from Mexico. I have some gringo friends who do not enjoy Chinese cuisine.
HS and you are most welcome to join me in this week of celebration. The Chinatown bus stops in Richmond.