Peking Duck – roast duck for under $10

Frank Bruni reviewed Peking Duck House, and although he doesn’t like the pancakes served,

I never stick with the pancakes for long. After making one or two proper Peking duck constructions, I just start eating the duck on its own. If the duck is prepared as well as it is at Peking Duck House, and you’ve got an appetite for undiluted richness, this is a great way to go.

Out and About: The Peking Duck House,” Diner’s Journal, November 17, 2006
Peking Duck House, web site, 28 Mott Street, Chinatown, 212-227-1810. See other reviews – many folks don’t like this place at all: [MenuPages | NY Mag | Citysearch]

Here is how to enjoy a delicious roast duck for less than $10:

The crispy skin and moist oily dark meat in a roast duck, marinade in hoi-sin sauce …the definition of a perfect Cantonese (or Peking) roast duck … can be purchased whole at AAA Meat Market, 288 Grand Street, the shop exactly at the north-west corner of Grand and Eldridge Streets in Chinatown for $8. The shop also sells whole roast pigs, chickens, etc., and immediately outside there are fruit and vegetable sellers for your salad.
At home, you can enjoy the whole duck by using a pair of poultry shears … plus your own choice of red wine and a mixed salad of Chinese greens … and no pancakes … Payard ice-cream to finish the meal … Ahhhhhhh, perfect.
Payard, web site, 1032 Lexington Avenue, 212-717-5252 [Yummy Baguette | MenuPages | NY Mag | Citysearch | Gayot]