Notes from a visitor to NYC – Mishima, New York Noodle Town, Grand Sichuan

Peter received this email from Angela’s oldest sister, Maria, who owns a restaurant (Tin-Jo) in San José, Costa Rica, and who recently visited New York …

I had the best meals yet during this trip. Mishima was delicately sumptuous. Noodle Town´s steamed flounder was out of this world and I simply loved the Dan Dan Mien of Grand Szechuan. Good thing I left afer 10 days or else I would gain at least 20 pounds.

Maria and Angela at Grand Sichuan

Mishima, 164 Lexington Avenue, between 30th and 31st Streets, 212-532-9596 [MenuPages | Citysearch]
New York Noodle Town, 28 Bowery, at Bayard Street, 212-349-0923 [MenuPages | Citysearch]
The Grand Sichuan … is still very good, which means very hot and spicy food … a big plus, the restaurant has two big windows looking onto the Manhattan Bridge and Wall Street … what a view, especially on a cold winter day with the sun streaming into the space … try the hot/spicey tripe and tongue and an order of cool cucumbers … 125 Canal Street, at Chrystie Street, 212-625-9212 [MenuPages | Citysearch]
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