John Dragonas and Tri-Institutional Noon concert

Last week, I paid my first 2007 re-visit to John Dragonas’ grill food stand on 64th Street and Madison Avenue … the street cooking is still very delicious … I had two orders of hot sausages for $1.50 each (compared to $3 each in Central Park) and as a bonus meal, I ordered a stick of shish kebab for $2.50 … delicious … lunch for $7.00 … I walked away feeling very good and satisfied … next time, I have to bring along a plastic container filled with red wine. such a friendly man and friendly talkative customers … everyone in such a good mood and no attitude.
Also last week, another fine performance at the Tri-Institutional Noon concertTri-Institutional Noon Recitals, Caspary Auditorium, The Rockefeller University, 66th Street and York Avenue (#2 on this campus map – pdf), Recitals Hotline: 212-327-7007, ext. 1
Now, I must get back to work, pronto …