“I’m fiftysomething and I’m joining Facebook. You got a problem with that?”

It’s clear that if you are in the target demographic for a face-lift, you’re not going to know a lot of people on Facebook.
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If only there had been Facebook when I was in school! That way, I could have skipped years of loneliness. The Michigan State University professors found [see link below] that even morose students, such as I was, end up making social connections in spite of themselves when they sign up for Facebook. If I had had Facebook, I would have known all along that my reunion was coming up. Of course, now that there is Facebook, and everyone can stay in touch, and look at one another’s photo albums, and see one another’s haircuts as the years go on, reunions are going to be a lot less interesting.

Facebook for Fiftysomethings: I’m unfriendly, solitary, and 30 years older than everyone else on the site. But could social networking work for me anyway?” by Emily Yoffe, Slate, March 8, 2007


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