How to make a Chinatown green salad

Chinatown green salad
Buy two bunches of watercress for $1 … a pound of French shallots for $1 … two bunches of cilantro for $1 … Watercress and Cilantro salad in a wooden salad mixing punch-bowl … half a cup of extra virgin oil, three table spoons of Dijon mustard, two table spoons of red wine vineger, a pinch of sea salt, mixed all into the punch-bowl … wash a bunch of watercress thoroughly, drain and dry, chop into bite size and deposit into the punch-bowl … wash the bunch of cilantro and chop off the roots and stems, drain and dry, toss into punch bowl … that is the basic salad … add tomatoes, steamed red beets, sliced carrots, pecan or walnut nuts, tofu … inexpensive and so good … with a bottle of chilled Rioja rose and enjoy
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