Great Idea for Cell Phone Users

Add a couple of new entries to your cell phone … ICE (In Case of Emergency) numbers can help first responders reach your loved ones if you are unable to communicate … create entries in your cell’s phone book and label them starting with “ICE” …

ICE – Dad George
ICE – Spouse Mary
ICE – Neighbor John
Bob Brotchie, with the East Anglian Ambulance service in England, has come up with a simple and elegant way for emergency services personnel to contact your loved ones if you have a cell phone with you and you’re seriously injured or in shock:

By entering the acronym ICE – for In Case of Emergency – into the mobile’s phone book, users can log the name and number of someone who should be contacted in an emergency.
The idea follows research carried out by Vodafone that shows more than 75 per cent of people carry no details of who they would like telephoned following a serious accident.

You got your cell phone in part for safety, right? Only takes a minute … And if your kids have cell phones, add them there, too!
Hat tip: Ernie the Attorney who also suggests

I’d add an entry in that ICE contact that describes what blood type you are and if you are allergic to any medications.