Google’s most expensive words

CyberWyre used Google’s Keyword Tool to find the most expensive words in the Google program. Looking at the entire list of the top 300, it’s dominated by personal injury lawyers, auto insurance agents, and lasik centers.
Here are the top 25. The figures are in Canadian dollars.

$78.30 chicago personal injury lawyer
$73.01 chicago personal injury attorney
$69.17 lasik new york city
$64.27 new york personal injury lawyer
$64.17 new jersey car insurance
$63.10 new york personal injury attorney
$61.64 chicago personal injury lawyers
$61.17 mesothelioma lawyers
$60.74 atlanta personal injury lawyer
$60.29 new york personal injury lawyers
$59.00 lasik dallas
$58.68 new york personal injury lawyers
$58.38 miami personal injury attorney
$58.25 what is mesothelioma
$58.08 best equity loan
$57.95 lasik new york
$56.88 whole life insurance quote
$56.75 new york car insurance
$56.55 the lasik vision institute
$56.40 what is mesothelioma
$55.98 mesothelioma attorneys
$55.39 peritoneal mesothelioma
$54.81 new york personal injury attorney
$53.74 lasik nyc
$53.46 whole life insurance quotes

Yankee Fog has put together some poems and limericks using the words. We like “A Song Parody On The Theme of ‘Lasik New York City’
Hat tip to BoingBoing