Good Italian food

My friend from Rome told me a very long time ago … the only place to enjoy a fine Italian meal is at home … Gabrio Buitoni, a member of the Buitoni pasta family … I went to NYU with him and he was responsible for introducing me to Italian food (I was fresh off the boat from Penang and did not have a clue about Italian cuisine. I have learned plenty since but he planted the seed) … I really do not go out for Italian … usually not worth the price and so simple to prepare pasta at home …
Try this simple pasta … dice fresh, sun-ripened tomatoes … finely chopped garlic … a cup of finely chopped fresh basil leaves … mixed with a little olive oil and pepper flakes … preferably prepare the sauce a few hours ahead of the meal-time … in order for the garlic to marinade with the olive oil and the fresh diced tomatoes … grind fresh black peppers … toss the al dente pasta with the basil leaves and mangia over good noodles … perfect … here’s a recipe
If you want to go out, I liked the restaurant, Carmine’s, Italian family style, 2450 Broadway (90th & 91st Streets), 212-362-2200 … a very old-world charming location … good value, too …
Also, see “How to Eat Spaghetti” by Anna Maria Volpi

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“The Complete Book of Pasta and Noodles,” by Cooks Illustrated   “The Arthur Avenue Cookbook: Recipes and Memories from the Real Little Italy,” by Ann Volkwein