eBay buyers beware

There is a new scam on eBay. Analagous to phishing scams, except these are on eBay itself.
We have seen 2 listings that when clicked, took us off eBay and to an eBay sign in page that looked identical to the eBay sign in. Except the sign in page was hosted on a non-eBay site.
So beware: before signing in to your eBay account after clicking on a listing on eBay itself, check the URL in your browser address line to make sure it is www.ebay.com. Plus, a genuine eBay listing does NOT require that you sign in again to view the listing.
eBay does offer the eBay Toolbar, which has eBay’s Account Guard built in.
Bottom line: be careful when looking at listings on eBay and be sure you only sign in to eBay on the eBay web site.