Delicious roast duck dinner for 2 for less than $20

Writing about my roast duck dinner made me hungry … I rode the subway to Chinatown and walked to the AAA Meat Market, 288 Grand Street, for the $8 whole Cantonese roast duck … I had to wait awhile because they were sold out … no problem, I went next door to a Chinese coffee shop for a cup and pastry, $1.30 …
Next, I went to the grocery store and bought a 5 lb. bag of Thai brown jasmine rice for $3.50. At 70 cents a pound, not a bad deal … next, to the vegetable market for a pound of $1.20 bok choy … and then bought the duck!!!!
Rode the bus home and made a delicious dinner.
Before I forget, I stopped at the Deluxe Food Market, 79 Elizabeth Street, for a pound of ready-made transparent noodles and vegetables, @ $2.99. I could only polish off half the duck, with some cooked brown rice and the vegetables. To-morrow, I will finish the rest of my purchase.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Post by Peter
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