Crab meat and ground pork soupy dumplings – Green Bo

Crab meat and ground pork soupy dumplings are a Shanghainese delicacy … so one must patronise Shanghainese restaurants … such as New Green Bo on Bayard Street, which is also famous for the scallion pancakes … 66 Bayard St. (between Mott and Elizabeth St), 212-625-2359
To eat soupy dumplingsxiao long bao – … carefully (you don’t want to tear the skin just yet) lift one out of the steamer basket/off the plate with chopsticks and put it in a soup spoon … pour a little vinegar (should be on the table) over the dumpling … carefully bite off the top of the dumpling … put a little more vinegar into the now open dumpling … then slurp and eat the rest of the soup dumpling … fantastic … careful, soupy dumplings can be very hot when they first arrive at table … and don’t forget to eat the cabbage leaves …
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