Collinsville, IL

Collinsville, Illinois, Police Officer Michael Reichert will leave the lights on for you. (Google map)

Meet Officer Michael Reichert: Professional Liar, Pride of the Collinsville PD

As if turned out, Huff wasn’t the only out-of-state driver to fall prey to Reichert, and the bit of notoriety his video caused brought out others who, like Huff, fell victim to what Huff’s attorney, Dan Kiss, called “pirates in police uniforms.”

Much as courts embrace the War on Drugs in terms of saving society from the ravages of this blight, compelling judges to endorse pretext stops and imbue cute doggies with magical powers to justify warrantless searches, few take notice of the banality of cops like Reichert and towns like Collinsville just feeding off the drug trough. No hotbed of gangs or crazed hippy addicts, but a sleepy town that makes a living off unsuspecting travelers.

Until Terrance Huff made a video. But for his videos, you couldn’t get a room at the Collinsville Red Roof Inn.

Cheap Rooms in Collinsville

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