Chatham restaurant – New Big Wang

Last Saturday, we had 9 for lunch at Chatham restaurant … Liz & Roger with their 3 children: Max, Becky, and Julia … Max brought along three college friends: a Mongolian-Chinese, a Korean and a Filipino … We ate very well and the cost was $63, plus a $10 tip … less then $10 per person … I missed Julia’s bat-mitzvah last month and this was my make-up party for her …
My favorite place for a single person snack-meal in Chinatown is now the New Big Wang … a bowl of delicious “swei-kow tong” (dumplings of ground pork and chives) for $3.00 … a plate of roast pig or duck for $5 … yummy … 1 Elizabeth Street, 212-219-3686 [previous post on AGINY]
Post by Peter