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$6 dinner … includes dessert … at Sanur

Last Sunday, I ate a very delicious Nyonya plate of rice with a choice of 3 dishes and a styro-foamed cup of clear soup … for $3 … a real taste of Penang island on the island of Manhattan … also, 2 curry-puffs and 2 Nyonya Kuehs (coconut cakes) for $3 to go … a perfect solution when I eat alone in this big City …
Sanur Restaurant, 18 Doyers Street, 212-267-0088 [AGINY | TCEDG | MenuPages | Citysearch | Yelp]

Excellent Sichuan Food – Upper East Side

We have written about Wu Liang Ye before, the Lexington Ave. location.
Last Friday, we walked to the 86th Street & 3rd Avenue location for a meal at the Wu Liang Ye, 3rd … it is up-town and I was fearful that the meal would not be as good as the mid-town location
Good news … the dishes we ordered were very competently prepared in the Chinese manner …
we started with three dishes … Poached razor clams with Sichuan peppercorn and scallion vinaigrette … Ox tongue and tripe with roasted chili and peanut vinaigrette .. Jelly fish julienne with scallion pesto … yummy, yummy, yummy! … the three dishes can be ordered as a combination for $20.95 … worth every penny … the sauces were delicious with the right strength of chili and green scallion …
next … we ate an order of Chengdu wonton with Sichuan peppercorn vinaigrette … swallowing clouds! $4.95 …
finally, we ate sauteed spinach with garlic $8.95 … so very delicate … with a bowl of steamed rice …
a perfect meal
I had a glass of Wu-Liang-Ye, a colorless grain alcohol … similar to vodka … taste of lemon and lichi … drink chilled … can be considered as their house wine … very smooth with the hot Sichuan peppercorns … $6.00 with the meal …
very good service, too … I will be back to try other dishes.
And we got in some exercise … walking twenty blocks each way on a Friday evening …
215 East 86th Street, 212-534-6032

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AGINY Good Value and Highly Recommended

The Food Timeline – web site

The Food Timeline home page is just what it says – a timeline of food … created by Lynne Olver, a reference librarian … the Food Timeline is rich with links to more information … including recipes, definitions, and photos … Ms. Olver encourages visitors to ask questions … she has answered almost 10,000 since starting the site in 1999 … and we did not find one dead link on the site …

Ever wonder what foods the Vikings ate when they set off to explore the new world? How Thomas Jefferson made his ice cream? What the pioneers cooked along the Oregon Trail? Who invented the potato chip…and why? Welcome to the Food Timeline.

Each item on the timeline is linked to an explanatory article for more information, such as:

The Food Timeline is another demonstration of why we love librarians. Thank you Lynne Olver for such an interesting site.
AGINY Highly Recommended and Top 10

forgotten NY – web site – highly recommended

forgotten NY
If you love New York, then you must visit, and bookmark, forgotten NY. Run by Kevin Walsh, forgotten NY includes text and photographs of all parts of the City, new and old … he also conducts walking tours … upcoming tours are announced on the home page
Some of our favorite pages include

An incredibly rich site, forgotten NY will keep you occupied for hours … I bet most of you don’t make it to this sentence …
For more about Kevin Walsh, see the gothamist interview. Thank you, Kevin Walsh, for a wonderful web site.
AGINY Highly Recommended and Top 10

Best dim-sum update

When eating dim sim at the Chatham Restaurant some prefer to go to “Dim-Sum-A-Go-Go” … where you place the order on a piece of paper and the trays are delivered to you … that is only good for customers who do not speak Cantonese and want to pay three times more … as we advised in our previous post

… keep an eye out for the fresh dishes carting out from the kitchen … pick your choice and enjoy …

you can do this even if you don’t speak Cantonese …
Previous best dim-sum article

Hudson River bike path

Hudson River Park and Bike Path … Another very great locale for enjoying New York in the hot, humid dog days of summer … very cool breeze from the Hudson River, great place to day-dream, read a book, walk, meditate and smile at the whole world … you can’t swim in the Hudson but you can kayak on the Hudson
I have been going there for the past 5 years … on my bicycle, riding along the Hudson River … north and south … to the Staten Island ferry or north to the Cloisters and the George Washington Bridge … I met my girlfriend on the Hudson River bike path at 122nd Street … she was on her roller-blades and I was riding my bicycle back from a Jazzmobile concert in Harlem …

Best dim-sum in Chinatown

Best dim-sum in Chinatown … Chatham Restaurant (it used to be called Hop Shing), 9 Chatham Square, 212-267-0220 … you can eat for under $10 per person … keep an eye out for the fresh dishes carting out from the kitchen … pick your choice and enjoy … the chicken feet are outstanding …
I have been going there since I came to New York, circa 1968 … the patrons used to spit the chicken bones onto the floor … simply amazing, times have changed …

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AGINY good value and Highly Recommended