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Good value pizza pie with fresh mozzarella – Patsy’s

Dear E & P: Thanks for the feed back. My place for a good value pizza pie with fresh mozzarella is at Patsy’s, on First Avenue between 117th & 118th Street … a whole pie for $11. Eight delicious slices. Steamed mussels with red sauce for $6.95, etc. I would love to show you all this best value pizzeria … We can catch the M-15 bus uptown and ride the subway home, all with one ticket …
P/S: This is the place where I bring all my gringo friends who hate Chinese food!
Patsy’s Pizzeria, 2287 1st Avenue, between 117th and 118th Streets, 212-534-9783 [openlist | Yahoo | Slice | Gayot | Best Pizza in New York]

American-Italian red sauce trattatoria – Patsy’s Pizzeria

I have found an American-Italian red sauce trattatoria that I enjoyed very much. We can all go there for a great time to celebrate my birthday … Patsy’s Pizzeria, 1st Avenue between 117th and 118th Streets, Spanish Harlem. Thin pie crust with fresh mozzarella and red sauce. Delicious fried mozzarella, etc.
Another suggestion is Ottomanelli Grill, 93rd Street & Lexington Avenue. Easy parking, too. Very reasonable prices.
Patsy’s Pizzeria, 2287 1st Avenue, between 117th and 118th Streets, 212-534-9783 [openlist | Yahoo | Slice | Gayot | Best Pizza in New York]
Ottomanelli New York Grill, web site, 1424 Lexington Avenue, at 93rd Street, 212-426-6886 [MenuPages | Citysearch | Yelp]

Off the Broiler reviews Di Fara Pizza

Jason Perlow has an excellent review, with many pics, of the square pie at Di Fara Pizza … and pics of other great looking dishes …
NYC Dining: DiFara Redux — Its Hip to be Square,” Off the Broiler, September 21, 2006
DiFara, 1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn, 718-258-1367 [slice | A Year in Food | NY Mag | NYT | in praise of sardines | eating for brooklyn]

“Pizza’s Next Act”

One of the nation’s favorite junk foods is getting a makeover. Thanks to Atkins-style diets, gourmet chefs whose toppings extend as far as sashimi and heavy discounting by the big chains, the independent establishments that account for the majority of pizzerias have been getting squeezed for years. In response, many new places are dedicating themselves to the basics. Instead of stuffed crusts and Thai seasonings, the idea is to focus on pure ingredients: the dough, the cheese, the sauce.

Pizza’s Next Act: Buffeted by low-carb diets and chains that serve pineapple-topped pies, the local pizzerias that still dominate the business are fighting back — focusing on basics like crust and cheese. Our look at the country’s hottest joints,” by Katy McLaughlin, The Wall Street Journal, January 14, 2006
According to a sidebar (1-page pdf) accompanying this article, the “pizza places that are getting buzz [“Hot”], as well as highly regarded but more traditional spots [“Classic”]” in New York and Washington, DC are



Although we’re not pizza experts (see slice) … Chug made hand-tossed pizzas and “little hats” (a calzone) for 2 years during high school in a pizza place that made everything from scratch … we wonder why Pizzeria Paradiso wasn’t on this list …

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Pizza introduced to NYC 100 years ago

The Food Timeline says that pizza was introduced to NYC 100 years ago this year … and “According to the food historians the introduction of pizza to New York City is attributed to Gennaro Lombardi when he opened up his pizzeria at 53 1/2 Spring Street in 1905.” … Thank you Mr. Lombardi!
Pizza is still served at 53 Spring Street today … at Gatsby’s … 212-334-4430