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Mugged by Fresh Direct Delivery Driver

NY Blogger Party tonight, Sept. 30, 2005, 8 pm

It’s this Friday [September 30, 2005] at 8pm at K Lounge, 30 W 52nd St between Fifth and Sixth Avenues (thanks Yehudit for the correction). There are over 70 bloggers currently RSVP’d to attend. If you’re in the NY area this weekend, come on by.


Student Interview

A student for a class at FCI interviewed us recently …
Among other questions, we were asked:

Q: What inspired you … to create a website devoted to food, amongst other things?

A: Friends and family inspired A Guy In New York. Over the past 20 years or so, hundreds of people have suggested that Peter write a book about living and eating well in NYC … and it is much easier to do a blog than a book. Peter enjoys eating at NYC restaurants 2 or 3 times each week, which he has been doing for more than 30 years.

Q: Do you feel restaurant websites and food blogs are slowly replacing newspapers and magazines?

A: Food blogs and other dining sites are not replacing food writing in newspapers and magazine, they complement and supplement it. It is now much easier to get a wide variety of opinion about different restaurants, something that is facilitated in NYC especially by the existence of MenuPages and Citysearch with reader comments, and forums such as Chowhound.
However, the big issue remains of whose taste you agree with and trust.
Peter has friends who love places that he does not like. That doesn’t make them bad places, just not places he can recommend.
And there are restaurants that he believes embody the best of Asian cooking, while friends of his do not rave about them like he does. Part of that is explained by the fact that Peter experienced authentic Malaysian and Chinese cooking in Asia for his first 20 years, and he brought those preferences with him to the U.S. So, part of his preferences are due to Peter establishing his taste for Asian food … in Asia.
We also like spicy food, but not when spices are used to cover up mediocre and less-than-fresh ingredients.
Q: Do you use Open Table?
A: We do not use Open Table, as we normally don’t eat at places that require a reservation. Peter believes restaurants that require reservations don’t need his business, especially when there are so many excellent restaurants in NYC where you can dine without a reservation. Competition is great for good dining. Also, many restaurants that say they require reservations can often fit you in.
We are primarily concerned with the consistent quality of the food served, and prefer simple, fresh ingredients. And although we enjoy food that is artfully presented, presentation, ambience and service are less important to us than eating food that is consistently fresh and spiced and cooked properly.
Q: Where or what do you turn to for food information?
A: We talk to our friends and wait staff, and we look at all of the major reviewers and numerous food blogs. We especially like the very simple restaurant reviews that appear at the bottom of Steve Forbes “Fact and Comment” column in Forbes magazine, and have agreed with most all of them. We believe the restaurant reviews in Forbes are far less influenced by PR than some others.
We have also become more familiar with the many excellent NYC food blogs by putting together our weekly “This Week In Reviews.”
The list of NYC food blogs and reviewers we look at are on our Good Eats page.

If you have a NYC food blog and are not listed, send us an email and we’ll add you … aguyinnewyork -at- gmail … for more about us, see About Us

New York Food Blogs

We’re putting together a list of NYC food blogs, especially those that review restaurants.
If your favorite NYC food blog isn’t on our list (scroll down), let us know.

Nadine Haobsh – Gothamist interview

Gothamist interviews “Nadine Haobsh, beauty journalist and ‘Jolie in NYC’ blogger” … she lost her job after she was personally identified, losing her blogging anonymity … we know at least one 14 year-old who will want to read this …
The interview covers

her formative teen makeup applications, the truth about press trips, male grooming habits, the inevitable (but long-planned) forthcoming roman a clef, her dream job at MTV and why Lindsay Lohan needs a makeover immediately.

Big Apple Blog Festival – August 14, 2005

Big Apple Blog Festival (BABF)

Welcome to Big Apple Blog Festival (BABF), a representative roundup of this week’s posts by NYC bloggers.

Amy Langfield says today, Sunday, August 14, 2005, is Cat Adoption Day in Brooklyn
Alarming News is organizing a NY blogger bash for Thursday, August 25th
A Full Belly has some interesting links, including one to MetaFilter about why steaks in France taste different than U.S. steaks … and the difference between real vanilla and vanillin
dailyheights has a “Creepy mural advertisement seen in Crown Heights, near Dean and Bedford.” … Ai yi yi yi yi … what was that dentist thinking? … also a “meaty” post on “The Mighty Wind of Meat (El Carneviento) on Flatbush Avenue” … with a photo of the “combined essence of thousands of pork shoulders and chickens.” … ugh …
A Guy in New York posted his weekly “This Week in Reviews” … with links to many NYC restaurant reviews .. and has a bleg for humorous food blogs
The (vast) Right Wing Conspiracy has a list of ice cream flavors from “Star Spangled Ice Cream” … Navy BattleChip sounds good to us …
Adam Kuban at sliceny looks at the “Daily News Pizza Roundup” of New York City’s best pizzerias from last week and adds comments … and links to his reviews … read it all …
Englishman in New York has a link to a hilarious video titled “The Triple Tofu Tower
Slant Point has a Hawk Sighting Update has a link to a good story by asking “Did you know George W. Bush shot a miraculous 11 holes-in-one on the first round of golf he ever played?” …
AlarmingNews had the best headline for the NYC government effort to remove trans fats from restaurants: “First they came for the cigarettes but I wasn’t a smoker so I did nothing. Then they came for the cupcakes….” … we would have written it: “First they came for the cigarettes but I wasn’t a smoker so I did nothing. Then they came for the chicken feet….”
NYC Stories has a quick roundup of the upscale burger joints opening in Chelsea
NewYorkology notes that the Central Park Conservancy will have walking tours of Seneca Village on August 27 and September 18 in “Scientists probing Central Park’s Seneca Village
the corsair states that “The education going on in American public schools at present is naught else but incoherent piffle, and if we are honest with ourselves, we all know that already. When was the last time a President allowed their children to attend a public school? I thought so.” … recommends the Paideia Proposal … in “A Little of the Old In and Out” (scroll down) … and also asks “Did George Stephanopoulos inadvertently get Madeline Albright her gig at Foggy Bottom?” …
cityrag covers the opening .. with pics … of “the cheesy Hard Rock Café” at Times Square in “Smashing!” … where guitars were smashed on cinder blocks (cause the old rockers couldn’t bend over?)… and suggests … “maybe donating a bunch of guitars to local schools would have been a better promo” … yeah … also has some pink catblogging … with links to flying cat pics in “flair for style” .. AND … “great drive-by shot of the Weenie Mobile on the NYS Thruway” …
Stereogum asks “Who are the WORST-DRESSED MEN in rock ‘n’ roll? Rock chicks are too easy to pick on (especially w/ Fergie now sporting Depends), so stick with the dudes. Does Jacko get automatic top billing?” …
Towelroad has “New Info on Hangings in Iran” about the hanging of two Iranian boys in July …
Jossip says Eugene Robinson is a media hero for “tackling the issue no other media want to address: the obsession with the missing white-girl obsession.” in “Missing White Girls: The meta-meta coverage obsession” … and is looking for an intern … “Free indentured servitude now available!
Charlie Suisman at Manhattan User’s Guide put out his “Best of MUG” … we are very interested in the Flybar … a pogo stick on steroids …
Jane Galt of Assymmetrical Information was guest blogging at Instapundit this week.
Salli Vates liked the Comte de Montagne she picked up at the Bedford Cheese Shop.

Listed on the ÜberCarnival page.
If you have a NYC blog and want to see something in the next BABF, send us a short write up and a permalink to aguyinnewyork [at] gmail … see you next week …

Bleg – Comedy FoodBlogs

We’re looking for other comedy food blogs … like … The Bruni Digest … and Drones Club …
Drones Club, written by Cornelius Bear, is a satire of food blogging … our only complaint is that Mr. Bear doesn’t post more often … some of our favorite posts:

Breakfast with Ekaterina (of sorts)

I have Pay Pal!

Trial run of the cooking program.

The Bruni Digest, by Jules Langbein (a member of the Weiner Philaharmonic) … “In which I sit on a dirt mound somewhere in Brooklyn with my ears pricked, waiting for New York Times head restaurant critic Frank Bruni, who I imagine to be a Venetian count in a huge ruffled collar, to dole out stars from the inside breast pocket of his brocaded chamber robe. This blog is predicated on the suggestion that every Wednesday, in the Times Dining Out section, Frank lays a huge faberge egg of hilarity.” … includes many funny photos … some of our Digest favorites are

Cendrillon: I Almost Entrechat Myself

Koi: If I Could Turn Back Toro

BLT Fish: Don’t Tell Rita!!!! Tom Hanks Has a Bastard Baby…

Stanton Social: Best of the Best Mediocrity

The Red Cat: What Kind of Cat do YOUUUUU Think It Is?

If you know of other comedy food blogs, please let us know about them in the comments … or send us an email aguyinnewyork [at] gmail

Big Apple Blog Festival – August 7, 2005

Big Apple Blog Festival (BABF)

Welcome to the Big Apple Blog Festival (BABF) for August 7, 2005, a representative roundup of the last week’s posts by NYC bloggers.
Ay Caramba! We thought this was going to be a slow week being August and all … thank goodness sliceny is closed until August 8 for renovation or we would have had even more …

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Karlo.Org is a New York City photoblogger … we especially like his black and white photos …

Some of our favorites

links open in new window

forgotten NY – web site – highly recommended

forgotten NY
If you love New York, then you must visit, and bookmark, forgotten NY. Run by Kevin Walsh, forgotten NY includes text and photographs of all parts of the City, new and old … he also conducts walking tours … upcoming tours are announced on the home page
Some of our favorite pages include

An incredibly rich site, forgotten NY will keep you occupied for hours … I bet most of you don’t make it to this sentence …
For more about Kevin Walsh, see the gothamist interview. Thank you, Kevin Walsh, for a wonderful web site.
AGINY Highly Recommended and Top 10