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Washington may desire to dominate our lives, but that desire can and should be resisted.

Washington may desire to dominate our lives, but that desire can and should be resisted.

Trump, with his airplanes and helicopters, probably would inconvenience the general public a good deal less with whatever commute he comes up with than does Joe Biden’s risible regular-guy act on Amtrak. When Regular Guy Joe takes the train from Wilmington to Washington, they clear out half a car for his use — Biden himself sits stock still, looking frail and terrified — while teams of Secret Service agents are dispatched to each and every stop along the way to swarm the vice-presidential car and prevent any incursions from the plebs. At the end of the journey, the Amtrak riders are kept on the train — at gunpoint — until Regular Guy Joe has cleared the platform, which can take a while. Do they have places to be and schedules to keep? Of course they do, but the Cult of the Imperial Presidency extends to the Semi-Divine Vice Presidency and its odd, pseudo-democratic rituals.

Trump Snubs D.C. as Millions Cheer


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When driving keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road

Do not use your phone while driving.

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“British Cars We Wish They Still Made”

just saw this piece in Forbes … “British Cars We Wish They Still Made,” by Michael Frank … “there are some British cars that, like their American counterparts, are not only timeless but, now more than ever, missed in the mix of very reliable and very bland automobiles.” … see the article and the pics for … Austin Healey 3000 MkIIISunbeam TigerMGB

“NYC Traffic Camera and Block Photo Map”

“Even though I don’t have a car, NYsee is one of the cooler Google Maps mashups I’ve seen to date. Not only does it contain live feeds from traffic cameras scattered around New York City, but it also incorporates the A9 BlockView photos.”

NYC Traffic Camera and Block Photo Map,” GridSkipper, September 29, 2005
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“ to Fight Parking Ticket for You”

Gas prices on Long Island, September 2, 2005

I had to drive back to Manhattan from Long Island today to feed Luca and Loco, the cats … gasoline at the Hess, on exit 63 on the LIE was $3.69 per gallon … on my drive back to the Peconic Bay, the gas at the Citgo on Route 24 was $3.49 per gallon … later, I saw a price of $3.33 at the Valero station, which might be the cheapest on Long Island … my total gas purchase was over $35 today! …
I fed the cats with Uncle Han’s healthy cat food … the cats love Murray’s chicken livers … a very healthy meal of boiled organic oats and chicken liver …
Monday morning, I drive back to the City and feed the cats again before heading north to Pine Plains in Dutchess County to celebrate my Italian grand-nephew’s 1st birthday! … lots of driving for this old man …

Katrina … gas over $3

Went for a bike ride to the Atlantic Ocean yesterday to experience the power of Katrina … I was all alone on the beach except for my two friends who were kite-boarding on the high waves … Enstine Mobil gas station on Hill Station Road, Southampton Village, had posted a $3.04 per gallon sign for regular unleaded gas! … could be a record for NY … here’s how to help the victims of hurricane Katrina

Good food on the drive to eastern Long Island

On the drive out of the City to Southampton and eastern Long Island, stop for a light meal at Joe’s Shanghai (136-21 37th Avenue, Flushing, Chinatown, 718-539-3838) … preferably after 10pm. because of free parking and light traffic on the Southern State Parkway … crab and pork soup dumplings … a bowl of fresh shrimp noodle soup … get back on the car and drive blissfully…
The next day, drive to Brewster’s (the owner has his own high-tech deep-sea fishing boat and he is a very friendly guy) … (Brewster’s Seafood Market, 631-728-3474, 252 E. Montauk Hwy, Hampton Bays, NY) … the freshest raw clams, steamers in a garlic soup, raw oysters, steamed lobsters, smoked sweet scallops and salmon, tuna sashimi, fried flounder, black fish, etc…bring your own wine or beer … on the Montauk Highway and the Shinnecock Canal (across from the Mobil gas station … get the cold beer there!)
Afterwards, drive north to Briermere Farm (4414 Sound Avenue, Riverhead, NY 631-722-3931) for fresh, delicious fruit pies … locally grown peaches, blueberries, etc. …. a great gift for the folks you left behind in the sweltering City….
Heading back to the City on the LIE, take the Queens Blvd. exit (exit 19) … drive a few blocks and turn right onto Broadway, continue till you pass the railroad over-pass … you are now in Elmhurst, Chinatown … where there is an Oriental mall with free parking, on your left …
Park and visit the Vietnamese Pho restaurant (Pho Bang, which is a small NYC chain, 82-90 Broadway (Elmhurst Avenue), Queens, 718-205-1500) … I love the rice noodles with fried spring rolls and grilled pork … great quality. Also try the three-bean ice cold snack … the Penang restaurant (8284 Broadway, Elmhurst, NY 718-672-1185) for spicey roti canai, Hainanese chicken, and laksa … walk to the super-market and buy some groceries for the work week…

Parking in NYC

Looking for parking garages in NYC? We’ve used Icon Parking’s web site and found some good deals, like $60 for a week.
Also check out Erik Feder’s book, “The Feder Guide to Where to Park Your Car in Manhattan (and Where Not to Park It!), Downtown Edition, paperback
Also see Driving in New York from