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New York tips: Tulsi, Jones Wood Foundry, Golden Mall

(From Tyler Cowen)

1. Tulsi, web site, 211 E. 46th, between 1st and 2nd, New York, NY, 212-888-0820. The most authentic Indian food I’ve had in the U.S., ever, get the vegetables. Not a cheap mom and pop, but by Manhattan standards this is reasonably priced for its quality. [Google | NYT| MY Mag | Yelp | Village Voice]

Jones Wood Foundry, web site, 401 East 76th Street, New York, NY, 212-249-2700. An excellent gastropub. [NYT | MenuPages | NY Mag | Yelp | Village Voice | Yelp]

2. Incendies joins Of Gods and Men and Even the Rain as one of my favorite films of the year. It is French-Canadian, set in Lebanon, and involves a journey of family discovery; I read it as an explicitly Christian movie.

3. Flushing, Queens, Golden Shopping Mall, 41-28 Main Street, Flushing, NY, go eat the Chinese food in the basement food court. For visitors, convenient from LaGuardia airport by taxi. [Serious NY Eats | Chowhound | Village Voice]

If you live in New York, or visit frequently, this is my best blog post ever.

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Jose Fish Market

Last Spring, disembarking at La Guardia airport, I decided to ride the Q33 bus to Jackson Heights before transferring to the subway to Manhattan. I walked around the area to find an interesting place to eat and decided on Jose Fish Market from the looks. This is a Korean-Peruvian fish eatery, I surveyed the offerings and they looked very fresh and well-prepared. So I ordered the fried whiting fish, scallops and shrimps combination with french fries for $5.00. The order came with two wedges of fresh lime. I noticed that every order came with two wedges of fresh lime. This is a very good sign because it is not normal in NY to get two wedges of fresh lime. I sat at the community table and enjoyed my fries, fish, scallops and shrimps. The next best thing was the flat-screen TV showing the Andrea Bocelli concert. I was very impressed with the total package. A very clean place and music to enjoy the meal.
I have been back twice, traveling to Jackson Heights just to eat at Jose Fish Market, wow!
The last time, besides the fried fish platter, I ordered the fish soup and I think that it is very good. Next time, I must order the whole fish and rice for $6.00 and they have a dozen freshly shucked oysters for $10.00. I am going to bring a bottle of Spanish cava and have a good time … I saw a customer purchase a ripe avocado from the fruit store, next door, and enjoyed the sliced avocado with his fish and fries … I am going to do the same, next time …
Definitely worth the detour (as they would say in the Michelin guide) … every time, the fried fish was very fresh and crunchy, not salty … a large flow of customers keep the products fresh off the frying oil … the last time, I ordered the rice instead of the French fries and they are good with onions and squash in the broth, 50 cents extra charge … and the pint of fish soup ($2.50) is very delicious with the two wedges of lime … I hesitated to write after the first visit but I am convinced that it is the best fried fish eatery in New York
From Manhattan, the E or the F subway line will get you there express and catch the Q32 for a free ride back to the City …
Jose Fish Market, 81-04 Roosevelt Avenue, Flushing, Queens, NY, 718-478-0232‎ … on the take-out menu “the chef wakes up at 3 am daily to buy the fresh fish…”
This is an AGINY Good Value!
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Best Shanghai’s “soupy pork dumplings”

For the best Shanghai’s “soupy pork dumplings”
in Manhattan, please go to the Grand Sichuan, 24th Street & 9th Avenue at Chelsea. Very well prepared fresh whole fish in a delicate sauce for $18.95. Beef tripe and tongue in a very hot red-sauce. Garlicky cool cucumber slices. Silky soft bean curd ma-po to-fu is very hot and spicey for $8.95. I love the string-beans for vegetables. The service is very polite and efficient. Can get very crowded at the prime dinner time. 229 9th Avenue, 212-620-5200 [openlist | Yelp]
For the very best in Flushing, please go to Joe’s Shanghai …. including soy-sauce braised pork shoulder, crispy fried wheat noodles, Shanghai bok-choy and prawns. Very crowded and busy at dinner time. 13621 37th Avenue, Flushing, 718-539-3838 [openlist | Yelp]

Sweet-n-Tart Cafe

Sweet-n-Tart Cafe … after picking-up my niece from the JFK airport, we went to this delicious Hong-Kong Cantonese eatery for a late breakfast. Very good tasting, fresh and crunchy Chinese brocoli with oyster sauce … deliciously smooth won-tons of shrimps, ground pork, scallions and watercress … freshly made rice noodles wrap with fried bread …
A very typical Hong Kong Cantonese style breakfast. Very good service, too! Yes, swallowing clouds … aka … won-tons …
Sweet-n-Tart Cafe, web site, 136-11 38th Avenue, Flushing, NY, 718-661-3380 [openlist | NY Mag | Newsday |

Spicy & Tasty – Flushing

Another great Sichuan restaurant in Flushing, strongly recommended by AGINY, is Spicy & Tasty … there is a counter with plenty of ready-prepared cold appertizers, one can pick and choose … I love to eat the hot and spicey “beef tongue and tripe” and cold tofu with slivers of Chinese stalks of celery …
Moreover, along this stretch of Prince Street, there are numerous ethnic restaurants which I still must find the time to enjoy, especially the Malaysian restaurant …
Spicy & Tasty, 39-07 Prince Street, Flushing, Queens, between 39th and Roosevelt Avenues, 718-359-1601 [Menu from Bridge and Tunnel | NYT | NY Mag | Village Voice | openlist | Yelp]
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Joe’s Shanghai

The food at Joe’s Shanghai in Flushing is very good and refined for a very simple reason … pure Shanghai with no compromise because you are eating in the heart of Chinatown in Flushing … their customers expect no less … crab/pork soupy dumpling … bowl of noodles with shrimps … scallion pancake … vegetables …

Joe’s Shanghai was superb, especially the crab and pork dumplings…one of the best Chinese meals I have had in the US…

Tyler Cowen

Besides the crab/pork soupy dumplings, try the fish-head casserole, Lion’s Head casserole, and pig shoulder stew …
Joe’s Shanghai, 13621 37th Avenue, Flushing, Queens, 718-539-3838 [NYT | NY Mag | Village Voice | openlist | Gayot | Yelp | Citysearch]
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Good food on the drive to eastern Long Island

On the drive out of the City to Southampton and eastern Long Island, stop for a light meal at Joe’s Shanghai (136-21 37th Avenue, Flushing, Chinatown, 718-539-3838) … preferably after 10pm. because of free parking and light traffic on the Southern State Parkway … crab and pork soup dumplings … a bowl of fresh shrimp noodle soup … get back on the car and drive blissfully…
The next day, drive to Brewster’s (the owner has his own high-tech deep-sea fishing boat and he is a very friendly guy) … (Brewster’s Seafood Market, 631-728-3474, 252 E. Montauk Hwy, Hampton Bays, NY) … the freshest raw clams, steamers in a garlic soup, raw oysters, steamed lobsters, smoked sweet scallops and salmon, tuna sashimi, fried flounder, black fish, etc…bring your own wine or beer … on the Montauk Highway and the Shinnecock Canal (across from the Mobil gas station … get the cold beer there!)
Afterwards, drive north to Briermere Farm (4414 Sound Avenue, Riverhead, NY 631-722-3931) for fresh, delicious fruit pies … locally grown peaches, blueberries, etc. …. a great gift for the folks you left behind in the sweltering City….
Heading back to the City on the LIE, take the Queens Blvd. exit (exit 19) … drive a few blocks and turn right onto Broadway, continue till you pass the railroad over-pass … you are now in Elmhurst, Chinatown … where there is an Oriental mall with free parking, on your left …
Park and visit the Vietnamese Pho restaurant (Pho Bang, which is a small NYC chain, 82-90 Broadway (Elmhurst Avenue), Queens, 718-205-1500) … I love the rice noodles with fried spring rolls and grilled pork … great quality. Also try the three-bean ice cold snack … the Penang restaurant (8284 Broadway, Elmhurst, NY 718-672-1185) for spicey roti canai, Hainanese chicken, and laksa … walk to the super-market and buy some groceries for the work week…