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Noon music at Rockefeller University

The Rockefeller University hosts a recital series called the Tri-Institutional Noon Recitals. Held on Fridays at noon from September through June, this series brings outstanding musical talent to NYC.
For example, on December 15, 2006, pianist Soyeon Lee gave a great perfomance. She played with much expression and enthusiasm. What a joy!

Soyeon Lee

Tri-Institutional Noon Recitals, Caspary Auditorium, The Rockefeller University, 66th Street and York Avenue (#2 on this campus map – pdf), Recitals Hotline: 212-327-7007, ext. 1
Post by Peter

Delicious roast duck dinner for 2 for less than $20

Writing about my roast duck dinner made me hungry … I rode the subway to Chinatown and walked to the AAA Meat Market, 288 Grand Street, for the $8 whole Cantonese roast duck … I had to wait awhile because they were sold out … no problem, I went next door to a Chinese coffee shop for a cup and pastry, $1.30 …
Next, I went to the grocery store and bought a 5 lb. bag of Thai brown jasmine rice for $3.50. At 70 cents a pound, not a bad deal … next, to the vegetable market for a pound of $1.20 bok choy … and then bought the duck!!!!
Rode the bus home and made a delicious dinner.
Before I forget, I stopped at the Deluxe Food Market, 79 Elizabeth Street, for a pound of ready-made transparent noodles and vegetables, @ $2.99. I could only polish off half the duck, with some cooked brown rice and the vegetables. To-morrow, I will finish the rest of my purchase.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Post by Peter
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Peking Duck – roast duck for under $10

Frank Bruni reviewed Peking Duck House, and although he doesn’t like the pancakes served,

I never stick with the pancakes for long. After making one or two proper Peking duck constructions, I just start eating the duck on its own. If the duck is prepared as well as it is at Peking Duck House, and you’ve got an appetite for undiluted richness, this is a great way to go.

Out and About: The Peking Duck House,” Diner’s Journal, November 17, 2006
Peking Duck House, web site, 28 Mott Street, Chinatown, 212-227-1810. See other reviews – many folks don’t like this place at all: [MenuPages | NY Mag | Citysearch]

Here is how to enjoy a delicious roast duck for less than $10:

The crispy skin and moist oily dark meat in a roast duck, marinade in hoi-sin sauce …the definition of a perfect Cantonese (or Peking) roast duck … can be purchased whole at AAA Meat Market, 288 Grand Street, the shop exactly at the north-west corner of Grand and Eldridge Streets in Chinatown for $8. The shop also sells whole roast pigs, chickens, etc., and immediately outside there are fruit and vegetable sellers for your salad.
At home, you can enjoy the whole duck by using a pair of poultry shears … plus your own choice of red wine and a mixed salad of Chinese greens … and no pancakes … Payard ice-cream to finish the meal … Ahhhhhhh, perfect.
Payard, web site, 1032 Lexington Avenue, 212-717-5252 [Yummy Baguette | MenuPages | NY Mag | Citysearch | Gayot]

It pays to stroll through the flea market and avoid the TV shows

A very good eye for Fine Art … $50 makes $284,000 …

A painting bought for less than $50 at a Manhattan flea market 23 years ago sold at auction in London this week for $284,000. The picture, an oil on canvas by the Indian artist Francis Newton Souza, is a portrait of a bald, frowning man in a black suit, his eyes obscured by wire-rimmed glasses, and is dated 1958.

Bought for Less Than $50, Sold for $284,000,” By Ben Shapiro, Arts, Briefly, The New York Times, September 16, 2006
Also, he enjoyed the painting for those many years … It pays to stroll through the flea market and avoid the TV shows …
Francis Newton Souza

Figaro Pizza for rice and beans

Saki Knafo has a short piece in the NYT about Figaro Pizza on 2nd Avenue at 77th Street … my kind of place for a $5 lunch, inexpensive, no tipping, delicious ethnic food … walking distance from my apartment, too! Care to join me for lunch?

[I]ts workers serve lots of pizza in the front of the tiny shop. But follow a Spanish-speaking customer to the back and you’ll find Hispanic servers dishing out heaps of rice, beans, plantains and pollo guisado (chicken stew).

“It’s very hard to find Spanish food around here,” said Wilson Casue, a 29-year-old construction worker from Ecuador. He sat before the last specks of a hearty meal of fried fish and rice and beans, which, at $5, had cost just a nickel more than the dainty goat-cheese-and-cucumber sandwich at a gourmet deli in the neighborhood.

The Pizza Joint Con Carne (and Salsa),” by Saki Knafo, The New York Times, August 6, 2006
Figaro Pizza, 1469 2nd Avenue, between 76th and 77th Streets, 212-472-2220 [Menupages]
Post by Peter

Sweet Spring Restaurant

Recently discovered the Sweet Spring Restaurant … very Chinese, fresh-off-the-boat cuisine … pure Fuzhou, not yet diluted by the New World … very inexpensive, and NO tipping … several varities of steamed dumplings are 5 for $1 … 25A Catherine Street, 7:30 am – 10 pm, 212-766-1777 … [Yelp | Judy’s Book]
AGINY Recommended
Post by Peter

Hampton Luxury Liner

Friday morning I rode the Hampton Luxury Liner to the Peconic Bay and enjoyed my very first swim, 2006 … this bus service is very good and the price is very competive … very spacious black leather lounge seat, cool air-con, personal music head-phones, free spring water and snacks, NYTimes, etc. … very comfortable and a pleasure to ride the hi-tech Daimler-Benz bus … new passengers can get a round-trip ticket for $31

Tosca – Free, August 1, 2006

Uncle Paq & Blackberry Ellie: Please go to the New York Grand Opera website for information about a free opera at 7.30 pm this coming Tuesday, August 1, 2006 … Tosca … at the Naumburg Bandshell, Central Park, 72nd Street at Mid-Park … let us all go bring a pinic buffet and sing-along in Italian …
Also see Naumburg Orchestral Concerts
Update: Postponed due to the heat.

Spicy & Tasty – Flushing

Another great Sichuan restaurant in Flushing, strongly recommended by AGINY, is Spicy & Tasty … there is a counter with plenty of ready-prepared cold appertizers, one can pick and choose … I love to eat the hot and spicey “beef tongue and tripe” and cold tofu with slivers of Chinese stalks of celery …
Moreover, along this stretch of Prince Street, there are numerous ethnic restaurants which I still must find the time to enjoy, especially the Malaysian restaurant …
Spicy & Tasty, 39-07 Prince Street, Flushing, Queens, between 39th and Roosevelt Avenues, 718-359-1601 [Menu from Bridge and Tunnel | NYT | NY Mag | Village Voice | openlist | Yelp]
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Joe’s Shanghai – Chatham – Amy Ruth’s – Nice

Last Sunday, my old friend Mietta Buitoni arrived from Italy … we ate at Joe’s Shanghai in Flushing for delicious soupy pork and crab dumplings, clams with ginger and scallions, and “oon choy” green vegetables … $45 for 3 persons … 13621 37th Avenue, Flushing, Queens, 718-539-3838 [previous post on AGINY | NYT | NY Mag | Village Voice | openlist | Gayot | Yelp]
Monday morning, we rode the M1 bus downtown to Canal Street and enjoyed dim-sum at Chatham … $13 for two … 9 Chatham Square, 212-267-0220 [previous post on AGINY]
Tuesday morning, we rode the bus to Harlem for waffles at Amy Ruth’s for $20 …113 West 116th Street, between Lenox Avenue and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd., 212-280-8779 [NYC nosh | MenuPages | NY Mag | Citysearch | openlist | Savory NY | Yelp]
Tuesday evening, we ate at the Nice (with a compliementary wedding show) for $90 for 4 … 35 East Broadway, 212-406-9510 [previous post on AGINY | NYT | Citysearch]
All excellent and all good value …
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