Big Apple Blog Festival – October 17, 2005

Big Apple Blog Festival (BABF)

This week’s Big Apple Blog Festival is hosted by Englishman in New York. Some samples follow:

Welcome to the first EiNY-hosted Big Apple Blog Festival — a round-up of the best New York bloggers had to offer during the wettest week in 102 years when broken $3 umbrellas clogged city sewer gates. A dark, damp seven days during which:

Tessa at NYC Metblogs got mugged by a Fresh Direct [food] delivery man.

Yanks fan and Sox fan provide a list of excuses after their dismal

Baby frustration spilled over in the messageboards at Dailyslope. “It all started innocently enough, with Carnivore suggesting that aggressive baby-pushers install “cow catchers” on the front of their monster-strollers before they begin plowing down 7th Avenue [in Brooklyn].”

See this week’s BABF for much more.
Next week’s BABF will be hosted by mister snitch!
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