Big Apple Blog Festival – November 7, 2005

Big Apple Blog Festival (BABF)

Last week’s Big Apple Blog Festival was hosted by spinachdip nyc.
This week’s Big Apple Blog Festival is hosted Dave Friedman’s Soul of Wit.
Some excerpts:

  • Chad at Cake or Death reminds us that Greenpeace is sometimes its own worst enemy. Also check out his quote from Eisenhower: “”History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.” I’m no fan of Eisenhower, though there is something to that quote that strikes me as true.
  • Mr. Snitch notes how Apple’s new OS, which can be run on Pentium-based PCs, is creating a base of very cheap, very powerful computers that threatens the status quo in the PC market.
  • LawHawk informs the debate surrounding the rebuilding of Ground Zero:
      If there is any need greater than the rebuilding of Ground Zero, I’d like to hear it from the Mayor or anyone else. Bloomberg is yanking Silverstein’s chain around for no reason other than because he can.

See this week’s BABF for more.
Next week’s BABF will be hosted by A Guy In New York.
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