Big Apple Blog Festival – November 22, 2005

Big Apple Blog Festival (BABF)

Last week’s Big Apple Blog Festival was hosted by A Guy In New York.
This week’s Big Apple Blog Festival is hosted by mister snitch!.
Some excerpts:

  • The ‘old’ old-media relationship with bloggers: Bash ’em. The NY Times latest swipe at bloggers, bashing Gawker, gets a closer look and yields this insight. (Amy’s New York Notebook) (See also: Does the New York Times have a learning disability?) (PressThink)
  • Kissy face. Uberblogger Glenn thinks Karol is cute. Karol wants to ‘fix’ that. Please send Karol some advice on becoming a blogger femme fatale. (P.S.: Dawn Summers hates her.)
  • Pissy face. Everything you need to know about blogging can be summed up by this cartoon.

For much more, see this week’s BABF for more.
Next week’s BABF will be hosted by A Guy In New York.
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