Big Apple Blog Festival – February 27, 2006

Big Apple Blog Festival (BABF)

Welcome to the Big Apple Blog Festival (BABF), a representative roundup of this week’s posts by NYC bloggers.
The Big Apple Blog Festival likes to go on tour, and different blogs host it … if you have a NYC blog or you blog about NYC and would like to host an upcoming BABF, let us know … The next BABF, on March 6, 2006, will be hosted by A Guy In New York …
This week’s Big Apple Blog Festival is hosted by Suitably Flip.
Some excerpts:

  • At Metroblogging NYC, Lisa Beebe managed to find the hands-down scariest theme bar in New York. Even the sign creeps me out. Meanwhile at Metroblogging, Chris Trent is feeling that pang of guilt we all feel when we find ourselves squandering the privilege of living in the Big Apple.
  • New York has the most dramatic, most recognizable skyline in the world. But it’s far from blight-free. Harleys, Cars, Girls, and Guitars wants to get to the bottom of one of the more pervasive rooftop eyesores.
  • Amy at NewYorkology and Pamela at Atlas Shrugs reflect on the 13th anniversary of the first World Trade Center attack, which came to pass this Sunday
  • It’s hard to screw up a restaurant whose central theme is cheese. Artisanal is one of my favorite gastro-indulgences in the city and the Big Apple Dining Guide gives us a compelling reason to make reservations tonight.

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