Assorted Links 9/19/09

The Devil Wears Fake Prada

  • Capitol Hill Workshop, September 23-25, 2009
  • Speechwriting: Preparing Speeches and Oral Presentations, October 16, 2009
  • Understanding The Regulatory Process: Working with Federal Regulatory Agencies, October 20, 2009
  • Effective Executive Briefings, October 23, 2009
  • Writing for Government and Business: Critical Thinking and Writing, November 12, 2009
  • Writing to Persuade: Hone Your Persuasive Writing Skills, November 13, 2009
  • The Potency Of The Investigative Power Of Congress – “A request from Congress for an appearance or for documents should not be taken lightly. Let’s say you’re a major government contractor. I think it’s just common sense that you should be aware of what’s happening on the Hill with regard to the breadth of congressional investigations and how they could impact you and your company. The ramifications of a congressional investigation go far beyond the actual hearing itself and can threaten the reputation of a company, its CEO, and/or a product, and can cause serious harm to an individual’s future employment as well as adversely impact investor confidence in a company. Everybody should be aware that Congress is going to be very active over the next two years and should act accordingly. When Congress comes calling, you’d better take it seriously.”
  • Measures of State Economic Distress: Housing Foreclosures and Changes in Unemployment and Food Stamp Participation – ht 13th Floor
  • Sputum markets in everything – “South African saliva … It seems to be a competitive market:”
  • Taxes and Legitimacy – “A regime that depends on taxes to function and retain power will seek to assure that it retains legitimacy, by carrying out the necessary functions of governance. ‘Legitimacy’ need not stem from democracy; a stable authoritarian regime, like China, can have one without the other. But it does require that the government govern, as Samuel Huntington used to put it.”
  • Earmark Horse Hockey – “The report for the bill has the federal government sending $500,000 to the Pendleton Round-Up Foundation for ‘reconstruction and construction needs of facilities which are critical to the local economy.’ That’s right: The folks in Pendleton, Oregon want you to send them a half-million bucks for their ‘critical-to-the-local-economy’ rodeo ring.”
  • Rangel the roguish raconteur – “The trouble is, he also has a reputation for sloppy book-keeping. And this matters. The Democrats’ agenda this year will cost a lot of money. They will struggle to persuade Americans to pay their fair share while people like Rangel are perceived not to. So no matter how entertaining and colourful a figure Rangel is, he should not be the chairman of the committee that writes America’s tax laws.”
  • California Regulations On TV Energy Efficiency – “A geographically huge state can’t generate all the electricity it uses? Why? The problem is not the vastness of California’s needs. Let me reword: California’s NIMBY regulations are so vast that the state prevents sufficient electricity generating capacity from being built within the state’s borders. While I’m at it: California’s regulatory restrictions increase transmission line losses by requiring generation capacity to be built far from its population centers and it increases odds of power outages due to failures in long distance transmission lines.”
  • Nonscientists Naive about Science – “When journalists talk about science in general this is usually a pretext for saying those who disagree with their favorite idea are wrong, because they are unscientific. Who can be against science? There isn’t a formal anti-science movement because it’s indefensible in principle. They then caricature their opponents, taking the most inarticulate advocates from the other side, and skewering their illogic. They then sit back and take take inordinate pride in their scientific pretensions, as if their selective discussion was objective. The fact is, most ‘big’ scientific issues do not conform to the scientific method, where one puts out testable hypotheses, rejecting ones that are falsified.”

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Jon Stewart slams media for missing ACORN story: ‘Where the hell were you!?’

  • Is Mandatory Health Insurance Unconstitutional? – “In the The Politico’s Arena, we are debating Rivkin and Casey’s Wall Street Journal Op-ed that Jonathan notes below. While my take on this issue differs somewhat from his, in my contribution (here), I respond to this rather catty post by Washington & Lee law professor Timothy Stoltzfus Jost. This is what I wrote:”
  • Profanity on the Court and the Trading Floor, from Ken Drees – “There are few things in life with less downside than good manners. No matter the field, no matter the situation.”
  • It was a foul, ref! Dive guide will help officials spot the cheaters from fair players – “These include clutching their body where they have not been hit, taking an extra roll when they hit the ground and taking fully controlled strides after being tackled before falling. Most tellingly they often make the ‘archer’s bow’ position, holding up both arms in the air, with open palms, chest thrust out and legs bent at the knee. This would not occur in a natural fall.”

Learning from Milton Friedman’s Rhetoric

  • Dear Zagat A hearty thanks for your 30 years of service. Now go away. – “The Zagat guide turned 30 years old this year, and in honor of the occasion, I’d like to give founders Tim and Nina Zagat a hearty thanks for all their years of service to the restaurant industry. And, if I may, I’d like to offer some friendly advice, too: You can go away now.”
  • Remembrance of Zagat’s Past: The SNL Sketch
  • Ouch – Do You Know Who Your Clients Are? – “On the surface, this is a simple case. A lawyer in a closing asks for photo IDs of his clients at the closing table. Husband provides his. Wife says she left hers at the restaurant. The closing proceeds, and the lawyer doesn’t follow up. Lo and behold, the mortgage goes into foreclosure and it turns out that the ‘wife’ was an impostor. Now, lawyer is defending a grievance for not verifying the identity of the parties. Ouch.”

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