Assorted Links 8/25/09

Back to the Future

Richard Feynman ‘Fun to Imagine’ 6: The Mirror

  • Answers to Common Excuses not to Travel Full-Time – “Oftentimes when folks hear what we’re up to — we get the response of ‘You’re living my dream!’. To which we of course reply ‘Then why aren’t you doing it too?’. We are in process of compiling our responses to the common excuses that folks give us to that question, some very valid. We aim to share examples of others overcoming the challenges, our own stories and share resources to assist. This will be a growing series,”
  • Carrier Wars: T-Mobile results, wrap up – “Let’s take a quick look at everything lined up nice and pretty:

    Average Download Speed

      1. Sprint: 1361kbs
      2. AT&T: 933kbps
      3. T-Mobile: 786kbps
      4. Verizon: 701kbps

    Average Upload Speed

      1. Verizon: 322kbps
      2. Sprint: 267kbps
      3. AT&T: 180kbps
      4. T-Mobile: 177kbps

    There you have it folks– the final act of Carrier Wars is officially a wrap. While these numbers shouldn’t be considered absolute or scientific, they certainly give an accurate representation of each carrier’s 3G network speeds as experienced by our readers.”

  • The Small Business Guide to Wikis – “Streamlined communication, collaboration, and information sharing are all vital aspects to building a successful small business. You need to build ideas as a team, record past successes and failures, and have your employees keeping each other informed on their current work so your company can avoid overlap.”

‘U.S. News’ Readers: FIRE’s Red Alert List Exposes the Worst Violators of Campus Rights

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