Assorted Links 7/10/09

Guaranteed to Cure Nostalgia for the Early 80s

  • Drafting Effective Federal Legislation and Amendments, July 29, 2009
  • Advanced Legislative Strategies, August 5-7, 2009
  • Activists on both the left and the right spotlight a broken federal government – “Millions of Americans perceive that the federal government is broken and might not be fixable. They view centralized power as heavy-handed, intrusive—and yet useless when it’s called upon for help, as in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. … Their solution is radical local activism to restore power to citizens at the state level. They aim to make state laws that counteract federal ones. They hope to preserve local or regional cultures against homogenization. They’re all aiming for their idea of freedom–although often their concepts of freedom are diverse, to say the least. Watch them: They may be the vanguard of a much larger movement of frustrated citizens who feel helpless to achieve their aims at the federal level but who aren’t willing to accept the status quo.”
  • Rocket Lawyer Bankruptcy Center – “The Rocket Lawyer Bankruptcy Center has the resources you need to get through the Bankruptcy process.” ht Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites
  • The statin-free life – “–Eliminate wheat, cornstarch, and sugars to reduce small LDL
    –Add iodine
    –Supplement 6000 units of an oil-based vitamin D preparation
    –Take fish oil to provide at least 1800 mg EPA + DHA per day
    –Take Armour Thyroid 1 grain per day”
  • Urban Farming – “The mind-blowing productivity growth in agriculture over the 20th century stands as one of the great achievements of human history. It involved immense strides in pest and weed control, farm machinery, bioengineering, and economies of scale. All this has made it possible to feed a rapidly increasing population with decreasing amounts of land and labor.”
  • The Case for Power-to-Weight Graduated Drivers’ Licenses – “When you can buy a 400 horsepower motor the size of a sewing machine and put it in a street Honda Civic it’s time to evaluate the guy behind the wheel. When Ford dealers hand the keys to a 500 hp Mustang to a twenty-something enthusiasts with a basic down payment, it’s time to ask if he should have a license proving the basic ability to handle the horses.”
  • What is it that Adam and Doug are always telling me? – “If someone in a 30+ years, only gets 30 or less hits, they haven’t done much to advance our science; just as if someone teaches for 30+ years and doesn’t have a bevy of students who have become economists due to exposure to that persons teaching, then that person isn’t much of a teacher.”
  • DC Police Chief Says It’s ‘Cowardly’ To Monitor Speed Traps With Your iPhone – “Apparently, real men prefer ignorance about where the police are hiding to give them tickets for driving a couple miles per hour over the speed limit.”
  • Love in Truth: My third thoughts about the encyclical [Caritas in Veritate] – “The major thing I noticed [in reading Caritas in Veritate] was not just that the Pope pokes at pretty much all the dominant ideologies of our day (which he does). It’s that the encyclical’s really very non-prescriptive. Again and again, there are criticisms of existing stuff along with praises of what’s good about them, and then there are suggestions about what kind of spiritual framework and practical principles need to be applied to situations. … Just as in this pope’s first encyclical, Caritas Deus Est, political and other concrete implementations are firmly decreed to be the business of the lay faithful. … The second thing I noticed was that pretty much everyone either read this document in shards, paying attention only to what they most agreed or disagreed with (the ‘blah blah blah GINGER’ principle); or even worse, they only read what other people said about it, and got so disgusted that they announced they didn’t have to read anything more.”

How to Send Back Restaurant Food

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