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A Guy In New York is an online magazine / blog about lots-o-things and occasionally about good (and affordable) places to eat, living in NYC, and fun things to see and do in Manhattan, by a guy who has lived in New York since 1968 (with a little help from his friends … help with the blog, not help living in NYC). This online magazine / blog includes book and web site reviews, some photos, many links, how to get into and around New York, and tips to make life in NYC easier and more enjoyable.

Front of the House

Peter Lo has been a resident of New York City since 1968, when he moved from his native Malaysia to study business at NYU. He received his BSc in Business from NYU, and completed his coursework at Baruch College for the MBA.

Over the years, Peter has taken hundreds of friends and lucky friends of friends to eat some of the best food in New York City, and to see art and hear music all over New York City.

For years, his closest friends have encouraged him to write a book about living in and visiting New York. Although a book may appear in the future, this blog is an effort to satisfy the numerous requests for more information about fun and affordable things to do, places to see, and good food to eat in New York.

In addition to his love of good food and music, Peter is the Managing Director of O’Reilly Appraisals, Inc., in New York. He performs numerous estate appraisals in the New York area for estate lawyers.

As part of his work, he is constantly researching fine art, furniture, china, silver, and other household items. He is a frequent visitor to Sotheby’s, Christie’s, many art galleries, and the libraries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Frick Art Reference Library.

To see a bit about how Peter came to love good food, see “Learning to eat and appreciate Chinese food in Penang.”

Roger Lang is the lucky guy who met Peter at NYU shortly after he arrived off the boat in 1968 with his shiny Hong Kong suit. They lived in the same dorm (Brittany, at 10th and Broadway) and became good friends, with all the usual adventures you could expect from a couple of college guys in New York in the 1960’s.

Along the way, Peter taught Roger about chicken feet, jellied bull’s blood, tripe and century eggs. Roger taught Peter about chicken paprikas, stuffed cabbage, palacsinta and 40 proof palinka.

Even though Roger left his dear city of New York – moving to Concord, MA, Budapest, and most recently, Ridgewood NJ – he remains good friends with Peter and welcomes every opportunity to explore the charms of New York with him.

The Kitchen

Chug Roberts is Peter’s appreciative friend, benefiting since 1976 from Peter’s love and knowledge of all things good in New York … especially … where to park for free … the best roti canai … and chicken feet …

Among other things, he loves the Christmas Tree and Neapolitan Baroque Crèche at the Met, driving in New York (a former cab driver, Chug says, “They DO know how to drive in NYC. And most of them are awake.”), and Chinatown.

If you insist on driving in NYC, here are Chug’s tips: flow with the traffic … have a good map (a good navigator or GPS is a real plus) … signal your turns … wear your seat belt … only short bursts on the horn to alert others, no prolonged honking … the cabbies are trying to make a living … buses are moving a lot of people … the pedestrians will (usually) move when you have the green and YOU keep moving forward … don’t back up when stopped at a light … no shouting or pointing body parts or objects at anyone outside the car … keep your sense of humor … good music helps … gas is cheaper in New Jersey … see our Parking in New York article … better yet, let someone else drive while you enjoy the city!

Chug writes many of the web site and book reviews, and takes care of technical matters from the Commonwealth of Virginia.


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