A Plan to Reboot Dating

On most college campuses, the hook-up culture is the norm; there is little to no dating. Various academic studies have found that anywhere between 65 to 75 percent of undergraduates nationwide have participated in the hook-up culture. Part of the reason the culture is so widespread is, as Rosin correctly notes, because women are choosing to have casual sex. But in another respect, they don’t have a choice. Women make the hook-up culture possible, but men are the beneficiaries of it.

The balance of power in the hook-up culture lies with the men, an issue that has become more pronounced as women outnumber men on campuses, creating a surplus of girls and a scarcity of guys.

A Plan to Reboot Dating: A lot of women and men are dissatisfied with hook-up culture. Here’s a way to encourage an alternative.

To be sure, liberty without values too frequently degenerates into mere libertinism. Yet freedom remains a precondition for any spiritual elevation. The oppressive slavery of Egypt deprived us of everything that makes live meaningful – spouses, children, and even a moment for reflection. And the inevitable result, at least initially, was deafness to the message of spiritual and physical redemption that Moses brought.

Liberty, not libertinism